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Ministry Profile

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What will the worship groups  do in a mission setting?  Will their gifts be sidelined in favor of missions? Must they look and talk like missionaries? Will there be a place for their ministries in the mission field? These were just some of the questions that raised concerns in our minds as we try to figure out if they really are  in the right place. Or could they just be a case of "a round peg in a square hole." One thing that we could not ignore is that they all came drawn by a certain desire and longing that they still could not fully identify. Was it the Lord calling them to leave their music and ministries behind in exchange for a new life in missions? There was no one to provide answers and clarity to their ministry dilemma .. except the One who called them. 

And the Lord did just that! He gave clear revelations that made the entry of the worship groups , gospel bands and singers in ITeams truly exciting. The Lords answer came directly  from the stories of Israel as the favoured nation of  God. In times of battle what was unique with the nation of Israel was that they move to the battle lines with the Worshippers in front and ahead of everybody else including their military might. It was unusual but that is their way of winning their battles. The praise and honor to God precedes their advance against the enemies. 

It was from that revelation that we finally  understood the plan of God for our worship groups. They are now recognised for their true worth in global missions ... they are  the present day front liners in.mission.

Through the passing of years, our worship groups and singers have travelled nations of the world ministering to the people thru mission concerts and worship events. They were present in all of our international conferences providing the full worship experience to all in attendance in those events. Their songs inspire, encourage , strengthen and emboldens our missionaries to carry on with the fight for the lost souls. They are used to "fan into flames the mission passion in the hearts of all ITeams missionaries. 

There are a number of worship groups & singers who have provided support to our missions agenda with their generous offering of their time, resources and music for the use of international Teams Philippines. They have become our main sources of heaven's music for all our mission events all over the world.


Rommel & Susan Guevara / The Worship Project

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