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Read and be blessed by God sighting stories and powerful testimonies of the Lord's mighty acts in our times. Marvel at the miracles and the faithfulness of God displayed to His people!

Stories shared were intended to remind us all that our God is a miracle working God. He has not changed at all. He still provides supernaturally in times of our great need.  He can still miraculously heal those who are severely sick and suffering. He still powerfully saves those who trust Him even from the threat of death and destruction. He is and will always be the Lord Almighty capable of doing the impossible for those whose hope is in Him.

He is the only Savior of mankind. The only refuge and sure salvation for those who trust Him. HE IS THE LORD!

A library of these amazing  stories are available at this website and can be accessed by clicking on the God Sighting Stories Library button.  A new story is also posted twice a week at our Facebook page : International Teams Philippines

Read on and be blessed, be inspired and  be touched in a very special way.

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Powerful testimonies of God’s supernatural work in the mission field. IT missionaries share on video the amazing miracles that they witnessed and experienced in the course of their ministries in foreign lands. The stories narrated by our workers in the field are not just inspiring and moving, they open our eyes wide to see clearly God at work in our present times.
Every story converges in the truth that God has not changed at all. He continues to amaze us with His miracles. The Lord have provided for the needs of our missionaries in spectacular ways. They witnessed money floating in the air after they cried out to the Lord asking for provisions. They received help from unknown people in times of emergency. Nationals were instructed through dreams to provide our missionaries with places to stay, vehicles to use, funds for ministries, etc…  The best part is that the miracles of God never stopped even through the passing of time. There are always new things that make the mission work exciting and fulfilling.
Listen with an open heart to our missionaries’ testimonies. Prepare to be moved powerfully by what you’ll hear. You will be enlightened and understand clearly that miracles continue to happen even in our times, not sparingly but frequently! All because of the truth that JESUS is alive and continues to do what he does best - display GOD’s power and glory for all men to see and marvel at !!!

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IT all started with ... FAITH.
The Global Filipino dream was birthed.
A dream of unbelievable proportion in scale.           
Yet, there are those who chose to believe.  They looked not at their lack but to GOD who owns heaven and earth.
They pursued the dream.

And GOD honored their faith.

These are their stories in vivid images...
They testify to the amazing power of GOD revealed through ordinary people.
They magnify the miraculous works of our LORD in these challenging times.
They amplify the call of our KING to go and make disciples of all nations.   

IT  has just begun ...

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IT East Asia Regional Conference is a periodic gathering of International Teams workers coming mostly from different parts of Asia. While most of the attendees are those serving in the East and South East Asia regions, the conference is open to those serving in other areas as well. The assembly is aimed primarily at providing the participants a time of refreshing and strengthening. It also aims to provide opportunities for fellowship and special times to reconnect with friends and peers in the work. The theme and message topics are all designed to provide encouragement and uplift the spirits of everyone who have been through so many strength sapping challenges in the course of their serving the poor, the needy, and the forgotten people of Asia and the world.

Thousands of pictures of the actual conference events and pre- conference and post-conference  are stored in our special EAST ASIA REGIONAL CONFERENCE albums for your full enjoyment and blessings.

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CUTTING EDGE was conceived from the burden of ITP's Executive Director, who throughout the years witnessed the struggles of pastors and church leaders in running the affairs of the church and in serving their church constituencies. Coming from a business background, and having taken on leadership responsibilities not  just of  churches and denominations  but also of international organizations involved in multi-faceted.ministries, he saw what.was lacking in the leadership style of  many church leaders.  He knew without any doubt  that most of these leaders, though they have so much to offer in areas of spirituality, perseverance, faithfulness, and character building, they are sadly lacking in their knowledge of running a complex organization such as the church.   Most pastors  church management style have been formed in seminary institutions, which turns out to be inadequate, not in the sphere of the spiritual but in the areas of church management, development and enlargement. Thus came about the Cutting Edge Leadership Seminars and Conferences. It was created and designed as a pastoral leadership enhancement program that focus primarily on topics that were not covered in their seminary trainings. The goal is to fill in the lack in the pastors know how of running their own church organization and to fully enhance their leadership capabilities  and.make them more results oriented, productive, dynamic, focused and truly... Cutting Edge!  

Thousands of pictures of the actual conference events and pre- conference and post-conference  are stored in our special CUTTING EDGE INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE albums for your full enjoyment and blessings.

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Introducing "GLOBAL TENTMAKERS CONFERENCE", our newest addition to our annual international conferences.   A culminating event for everyone who have participated in any Global Tentmakers Seminars. These topics highlight the conference program : 1. TENTMAKING  2. BUSINESS  AS MISSION 3. MARKETPLACE MINISTRIES 4. WORKPLACE EVANGELISM 5. GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST . Field practitioners and senior IT missionaries who have an extensive experience in the area of tentmaking share their expertise and know how's in the area of tent making, business as missions. and marketplace ministries.   

We aim to provide in every conferences comprehensive presentation on the tentmaking ministry platform which was proven to be so effective in sustaining our long-term mission programs. Our motivation is not just teach but guide and help all those interested in pursuing work and ministry opportunities in other nations. Our main goal is summed up in this statement, “We will teach you then we’ll connect you to tentmaking opportunities in the mission field”

Thousands of pictures of the actual conference events and pre- conference and post-conference  are stored in our special GLOBAL TENTMAKERS  CONFERENCE albums for your full enjoyment and blessings.

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The manuals are given free for use at the mission seminars or webinars.  They are downloaded from this site with the use of passwords supplied to the trainees.  Manuals for use at on-site seminars  can be purchased with no minimum quantity required. 

GLOBAL FILIPINO DREAM and ACCESS MISSION were designed for use at IT Membership Trainings. REVITALIZED MISSION was created specifically for Non-Filipino's who are desiring to be members of ITeams Phils.  GLOBAL TENTMAKERS is preparatory level manual for the use of missionaries who are considering the Tentmaking platform for their long term mission strategy.  CUTTING EDGE LEADERSHIP is for Pastors, Church Leaders and Missionaries who wish to gain better knowledge on effective leadership so they could have a truly productive and fruitful ministry. 

Each physical manual costs P100.  minus delivery charges. 

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