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This is the place where every ITeams missionaries can access resource and materials for their personal and ministry development. This page also offers a complete and quick view of the events and activities for the whole Year 2022. Those searching for mission materials, merchandise and gift items  will find available options  here.  

This page opens up large volumes of images in photo and video format of past IT Mission events and global trips for everyone to relish and marvel at. The materials are superb reminder of  the amazing and marvelous things that God have done through us  ... affirming our faith and energising our hearts for the journey ahead. 


Schedules, locations, and fees for every mission trips, seminars and webinars,  international conferences, local and international events for the Year 2024 are featured in this page. This will serve as the go to section for those looking for the best options for their missions involvement. 


The full history of International Teams Phils in video and photo images are kept and maintained here. Thousands of pictures of our missionaries and their global mission  activities since our inception are available to constantly inspire and encourage us all.


Looking for the beautiful tees you saw our missionaries wearing? They are exclusively available in house through this site, Training Manuals and Music albums are also ready for use as gift items or for your personal use and enjoyment. 

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