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The Prayer & Worship Story


We have always been guided by this spiritual truth "apart from God we can do nothing." We firmly believe that prayer for the work, the missionaries and organization opens up the miraculous work of God and exposes us to the supernatural. Our many disadvantages as believers from a third world nation no longer become an issue and an insurmountable challenge  to do global mission work. We found the key to overcoming the impossible lies in this amazing truth - prayer brings our God Almighty to the picture. 


The Lord has revealed through a dream the emergence of prayer warriors to provide spiritual covering for the organization and the missionaries serving all across the world. They are committed to  pray unceasingly for they were given the sense and  understanding of the spiritual battle that we are engaged in. Their prayers and intercession throughout the years have brought us to a level of work that we never imagined could be possible for a small band of believers whose main assets are their faith in the promises of God  and the declarations of his prophets and their strong belief that He is actively involved in the mission work to aid them at all times and all situations.

The revelation led to the creation of ITeams prayer arm - THE GLOBAL INTERCESSORS, a team of committed prayer warriors who faithfully kneels before God for and in behalf of the global work of International Teams Phils.


In the early years of ITeams Phils. mission work,  musicians, singers and worship leaders were drawn to it unaware of what was in store for them. In their minds, it seem unlikely that the ministry of worship will be a good fit for missions. Yet, they felt in their hearts the burning desire to seek and understand.


It did not take long. Everyone eventually realized that they were raised up as the new present day missionaries, or lovingly called "Musicianaries". Men and women who were chosen to bring honor and glory to the Lord thru worship in foreign lands. They were instructed to spread the message of hope and salvation through Jesus by using their gifts of music to peoples of different languages and skin color. ITeams Phils at that point became the go to place for musicians and singers  who felt the divine nudging  to expand their borders and enlarge the scope of their ministry.  It was an exciting episode  when worship embraced missions in IT.

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