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"It felt like I have superpowers from God!"

Updated: Dec 7, 2022


Pastor Greg Oculto has been attending IT fellowships quite often, but he wasn’t able to undergo the Access Mission 1 Training yet. One Thursday fellowship, an announcement of Access 2 Training in Korea and a ‘Bless Korea’ program was made. It was going to be held in May 2016. He felt in his heart the desire to go but he couldn’t participate in those programs unless he finished his Access 1 Training. It is a prerequisite to undergo Access 1 Training in the Philippines before trainees could join Access 2 Training in other countries. Pastor Greg is residing in Metro Manila but since there was a scheduled Access 1 Training in Batangas, a different province, he was willing to travel that far so he could attend the Access 1 Training. It was the month of April, and everything had to be rushed since the trip to South Korea is in May. When he went to Batangas, along with the two trainees who also wanted to join, they took the risk of going hastily. Fortunately, during their stay in Batangas, some people took them in. Pastor Gani Sison, IT Executive Director, was the one who conducted the training. As the trainees listened, their hearts were filled with encouraging words, and were so fired up to go on missions. It was already the month of May, and they only have a few days to get a visa so they could go to South Korea. Pastor Greg got his visa first, but his other two companions were struggling to meet the visa requirements. He was thinking of not going if his two friends couldn’t go. Finally, after all the struggle they’ve been through, the three of them got their visas! Praise God! Even when they thought they couldn’t acquire the visas; they kept their faith and were always reminded of the things they had learned during their Access 1 Training. They finished their Access 1 training, they managed to get their visa, and they already booked their ticket to South Korea. They were pressed with time but praise God that they accomplished everything they needed before their departure. When he arrived in South Korea, he didn’t expect the amazing things God had in store for him. He didn’t have much money on him, and he was also trying to budget what he had. There were 44 participants at that time, so they were divided into 4 different groups. “It was truly Bless Korea” Pastor Greg stated. He received countless blessings during his stay in South Korea for 10 days. On his first day, they got to be a part of the Flower Festival and saw lots of beautiful flowers. “It was captivating,” said Pastor Greg. He and his group also went to prayer mountains, visited churches in Korea, and were welcomed with food and gifts. He received a nice bag, which he thought he could give to his wife as a present. But one of the trainees asked if she could buy it from him. He was reluctant to accept the money because he got the bag for free but the trainee, who liked the bag, insisted he accept it. He was glad he made extra money to use during his trip. They also got the chance to visit one of the amusement parks in Korea. They didn’t spend a centavo and they even got on a VIP tour bus as they went back to their accommodation. They were also invited to watch an exclusive ballet performance of ‘The Messiah’ and it was all for free. Talk about favors and blessings! Nothing can top Pastor Greg’s experience. Even after that, they visited other famous places in Korea without spending a lot; for there would always be men and women of peace sent by God to cater to their needs. Before he left the Philippines, he got in touch with one of his old neighbors who is now living in Korea. The day before he left Korea, he met him and another unexpected blessing was that he received 100,000 won from his old neighbor. Another acquaintance of his also asked if they could meet up, but because of the distance Pastor, Greg told him he couldn’t make it. But then again since they couldn’t meet in person, he sent money to Pastor Greg. “It was all unexpected,” said Pastor Greg. He went back to the Philippines full of gratitude for the great blessings from God. That trip was followed by 5 more trips to South Korea with his family. He and his wife were granted multiple visas on their following visits. He has also traveled to other countries and became so confident of God’s favor upon him every time he would apply for any visas. “It felt like I had superpowers from God” commented Pastor Greg. It is very true that when heaven’s doors open no one can stop the overflowing of blessings from God. “All it takes is one door to open and you’ll be overwhelmed by what’s on the other side. All I know is God’s blessing is on that other side of the door and I just need to have the courage to open it.” Pastor Greg stated. Ephesians 3:20 Now unto him, that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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