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"I only had a dollar but I chose to believe so God multiplied it to $1,500!"

Updated: Sep 19, 2022


In early 2000, Pastor Niel Romero was called by God for a cross-cultural mission. He remembered vividly that as he was attending the church service, God showed him an image that he couldn’t ignore. He was still in his seat, but he was also seeking the Lord’s next instruction. During the church service, a video slideshow was presented, and it was just a split second when he saw the image of Thailand. However, it left a great impression on his heart. He couldn’t shake the thought that Thailand might be the place God called him to go. So, he continued praying and if it was really God’s will, he believed that God will make a way. At first, he was clueless about Thailand, and he didn’t even know where it was located so he wasn’t expecting it at all. He also had a lot to consider before going to Thailand. He made a vow to himself that if he is going on missions, he won’t go on his own, but he would bring his family with him. Also, it was hard to go abroad back then because there were no budget flights, and it was very pricy to travel. He had no means of raising the amount of money he needed. Even if he secured his ticket, he was thinking of the expenses when they arrive in Thailand. Then one day, a missionary from the United Kingdom who was doing a short-term mission in the urban poor where Pastor Niel is also helping gave him an affirmation. The British missionary spoke confidently that Pastor Niel is going to Thailand. Thus, he became more certain after hearing it. He knew deep in his heart that God had called him to go but he was worried about whether his wife would be okay with it. Pastor Niel had to convince his wife, Haide, to go with him. While Sis Haide was doing laundry, Pastor Niel started the conversation and brought up going on missions. “The Lord is telling us to go,” he told his wife. Sis Haide was curious as to where and asked, “Where? Japan?”. Pastor Niel answered softly, “It’s Thailand”. His wife didn’t say anything anymore. He felt that his wife wasn’t so thrilled with the idea of going to Thailand, so he prayed, “Lord, please speak to her as to how you have spoken to me.” After some time, his wife came on board with the idea of going to Thailand. It was an answered prayer! But there’s still another thing he was considering, and that is their budget to go to Thailand. He told Pastor Gani Sison, IT Executive Director, that he wanted to go on a short-term mission trip first. However, he was told that there was no one to contact in Thailand and there were no IT missionaries there yet at that time, which might be difficult if Pastor Niel and his wife would go. Pastor Gani had a scheduled flight to Thailand. Coincidentally, he met a former church member who is currently living in Thailand. Pastor Gani spoke with her and inquired whether she would like to join the ITP family. She was glad to be a part of ITP because she has known Pastor Gani for years and from then on, she became the contact person for missionaries who wanted to go to Thailand. When Pastor Gani returned to the Philippines, he told Pastor Niel about the good news. He was so happy to hear the good news but there was one more thing that was stopping him from going. He didn’t have money. Pastor Niel prayed, and he received $1 as seed money from someone. It seemed such a small amount. But later on, it was followed by $100. “You have $101! I will book your ticket now so you would definitely go” Pastor Gani was pushing Pastor Niel to move forward. In the back of his mind, $101 is not enough for him and his wife because they should at least have $1,000. A week before his flight he still had $101. Then three days before their departure date, someone from the United States sent him an email saying he had sent $1,500 to him. Pastor Niel was ecstatic, and it was truly an amazing miracle. God answered all his prayers, and he was set to go to Thailand. He and his wife arrived victoriously in Thailand and stayed for two weeks. During their two-week stay in Thailand, Pastor Niel and his wife were scouting and trying to ‘feel’ the land and prayed whether the Lord wanted them to return and do a long-term mission. There is more to this story and it’s getting more interesting. Every story that God writes is truly remarkable. You just have to let God write your story, give him the pen of your life, and let go of control. Because God sustains His children who obey even if things don’t make sense. Who would have thought that three days before their departure that’s when the money would be sent to Pastor Niel? Sometimes God gives what we need at the very last minute to see whether it is Him whom we are relying on or in our own ways. God honored Pastor Niel’s obedience and answered his prayers. He is the God who hears and provides for His children. Let’s exalt God’s name and sing praises for He is an awesome God! 2 Corinthians 9:8 And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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