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Will you still praise the Lord even when you are tested positive of COVID-19?

“VICTORY OF FAITH OVER FEAR” : A COVID-19 TESTIMONY (Story happened March 2020)

For 3 days I was in this isolation room itching to hear the result of my Covid19 test (those swabs in your nose and throat.) For the past few days, I have been convincing myself that my running nose, coughing, diarrhea, sore throat, and some difficulty in my breathing are just results of over fatigue from my recent travels and volunteer work at one of our church building constructions.

But when I read the news that most of the new cases are Cambodian Muslims and some Malaysian Muslims who attended their meeting in Kuala Lumpur, I can’t help but get worried because they are all with me in my transit flight from KL (90% of passengers in that flight are Cambodian Muslims, mostly teachers who attended the meeting).

When I inquired at the hospital, and they found out my travel and health history they did not let me go home and asked me to be tested. Eventually, I was placed in an isolation room.

Being Isolated for 3 days was tough especially for my extrovert personality, I can’t imagine the ordeal that people who have been tested positive have to go through emotionally for weeks. For 3 days no one was allowed to visit me. My family and church members can only hand over the food in a small window or leave it in front of the main door. Even the doctors and hospital staffs were invisible during my stay. But the Lord comforted me in my time of solitude.

Today, I just got the result of my test and I thank God because the result came out NEGATIVE. Even if it turned out positive, I know that He is able to heal me. But if not, I will still praise and thank Him because HE IS ALWAYS GOOD.

Testimony: Pastor Archie Manoto, IT Missionary in Cambodia

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