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Will you give the remaining money you have when God asked you to?

“WHEN GOD TELLS YOU TO GIVE IT ALL”: Divine Experiences in Europe

“WHEN GOD TELLS YOU TO GIVE IT ALL” (Amazing Provisions to our Filipino Missionaries in Europe)

One Sunday morning, during the worship service in their church, as Sister Ruth closed her eyes and opened her heart to the Lord in prayer, she heard Him say “give an offering for missions”. The moment she started her walk of faith with the Lord giving was never an issue with her. She and her husband, Pastor Andro, were already scheduled to go to Europe for a mission trip and the only money they had was $125. Their itinerary was to go to five different countries in Europe and the reality is, $125 won’t be enough. When she heard the Lord’s voice she asked, “How much do you want me to give, Lord? . . . $5?”. She felt a bit confident that God won’t ask her more than what she has, “$20?” but there was still no affirmation from the Lord, “Ah! maybe $100?” Then she felt a slight tug in her heart confirming the amount “$125”. If you were Sister Ruth, would you give the only money you have when God asks you?

With peace in her heart, she didn’t hesitate to take all of her money out from her purse to the offering box. Most people will think how ludicrous her decision was. But as you continue to read her story I’m certain you will learn something of great value that will change your life and faith as you learn to give a sacrificial offering; just like Sister Ruth did. Few days left before they were to depart for Europe, the only money they had was all gone. It seems that their trip is still up in the air and the reality is, going to those European countries will cost you a fortune even just for a few days of traveling. The day before their departure, with so much anticipation and excitement of going to Europe, a surprise call came. Pastor Andro’s friend called him over and gave him $500. Their $125 was multiplied by God! — He is the God of multiplication after all. And His miracle did not come late. It came at God’s perfect time! It was truly an amazing act of God. There was so much praises and thanksgiving lifted up by the couple to the Lord.

After their long flight, they finally arrived in the Netherlands, and they stayed in a hotel for three days. Pastor Andro and Sister Ruth were scheduled to meet with the International Teams Netherlands office team. The team warmly welcomes them but was surprised when the couple from a third-world country gave a financial offering to the team. Sister Ruth thought “the best time to give is when you almost have nothing because we are blessed to be a blessing”. Once again, they gave the only money they had. Based on their itinerary they have to go to Albania, but the million-dollar question now is, how will they get to Albania after they gave every penny they had? Well, they didn’t panic, instead, they made a quick call to their Father in Heaven. They know fully well that He always listens to the prayers of His children. Once again, the Lord did another miracle. He used someone to book a plane ticket for the couple to go to Albania. Not only were they provided free plane tickets, but their accommodations were also fully paid for. Truly, God is so thorough in providing for His children! A fully furnished house with a helper to do their laundry was arranged for their convenience during their stay as they will be doing missions in the mountains of Pogradec, Albania. Even the fridge was filled with different kinds of fresh fruits and meat, and it was all for their consumption! It was heavenly provisions in abundance!

Their next destination was to go to Athens, Greece and once again they didn’t have to worry about their transportation because God used someone to pay for their bus tickets. Even unbelievers were used to be a blessing to the couple and their flight from Greece to Italy was paid for as well! The couple never asked for the money from these people, but with complete assurance in their hearts, they were bold to ask for these miracles from God. And God continuously answered their prayers and provided for their needs!

For their last stop, they received another plane ticket bound from Italy to Spain. Talk about God’s endless provision! No one can top the amazing things He does for His children who obey Him and seek His kingdom first.

They have returned to the Philippines and are waiting for their third trip to Europe, possibly the one that will enable them to stay for a longer period of time. Recently, Pastor Andro received a vision from the Lord instructing them to go back to Europe and then he received a phone call telling him that their plane tickets are already provided for. Indeed, when GOD calls there will always be GOD’s provisions!

Luke 6:38

“Give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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Feb 17, 2022

Amen 🙏 hallelujah 🔥🔥🔥 I'm so blessed with the victorious testimony of pastor Andro... it's great and mighty things... it's true...and I claim when God's call,there will always provision,. glory to God 😇🙏🔥

Mar 27, 2022
Replying to

Amen, Sis Virgie! God surely provides so when He calls us we should GO and obey Him, for it is a great privilege to do God's work :)

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