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What she feared the most was used by God to test her faith.


Sister Lyn Casaclang is one of the IT missionaries in Uzbekistan. Before her journey of faith started, she was a part of the church planting ministries in Pangasinan. When she received the call of becoming a missionary, her first response was no because she thought that being a church planter in Pangasinan was enough. But then, going on missions is much more profound and she started to consider it. She didn’t know any missionaries or mission organizations. However, she knew in her heart that she had to surrender everything to the Lord. She did but she still struggled with the idea of going to places where she doesn’t know anyone. Sis Lyn prayed “Okay, Lord if it is really Your will then I will obey You”. As she fully surrendered everything to God, she could see that everything was falling into place. First, she was led to study a course about missions then, she was introduced to a mission agency. She was trained in missions and later on the mission agency hired her and she worked there for three years. Consequently, she was introduced to International Teams Philippines, a mission-sending organization. She became a part of the IT family and her journey of faith started. Sis Lyn admitted she struggled as she committed to being a full-time missionary. She was called to go to Uzbekistan. She had to leave what was comfortable in her home country and go to another place without any secured financial support from the church. Therefore, what she feared the most was used by God to test her faith. Sis Lyn didn’t know where to get the money to go on missions or how to raise funds. When she managed to raise funds, an unfortunate event happened. The money that was raised was stolen by someone else. The situation seemed very hopeless. Sis Lyn couldn’t think how she could get the money she needed to go on missions. But we know that God works in different ways.

Meanwhile, one of Sis Lyn’s friends shared her story about missions with others. God touched the heart of one person, and she asked to meet Sis Lyn. As they met, she handed an envelope to her with 500 pesos in it. It gave hope to Sis Lyn that she could go to Uzbekistan. “Lord, even though I don’t know the person who gave this, I know you will use more people whom I don’t know because it is You who is at work.” Sis Lyn declared with faith. From that 500 pesos, Sis Lyn was able to raise more funds for two weeks which enabled her to go to Thailand. She would have to get her visa there first before going to Uzbekistan. She didn't have enough money to go to Uzbekistan, but she boldly took the step of faith and went to Thailand without any assurance of whether she could go to Uzbekistan or not. Since the money she had only allowed her to reach Thailand, she made use of her time well and didn't lose hope. She helped with the ministries as she waited for her visa and God’s provision for her to go to Uzbekistan. Her time in Thailand was very meaningful for her because of God’s revelation. She was reminded of the story of Joshua crossing the Jordan River. That the moment she took that step to Thailand, her path became clear. “God will pave the way once you take that step of faith” she commented. After forty days, the Lord provided for all her needs. She was able to go to Uzbekistan and it was God who opened its doors for her. During her first year, she was working full-time in the ministry therefore she had no means to support herself, but it was the Lord who sustained her and provided for all her needs. She saw the hand of God move in her midst. It is truly amazing how God works in ways we could never fathom. Therefore, let's sing with praises and gladness in our hearts that we serve a God who cares for us and provides for our needs. He makes all grace abound in us and generously provides all our needs! There's none like Him! Hallelujah! To be continued…

Isaiah 41:10 "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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