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God gave her $3,100 so she could keep their house and God used the least expected person to give it!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


Sister Aurora Reyes is one of the IT missionaries who has been serving in East Timor. When God called her to go to the mission field, she was in a situation where she couldn’t afford to go to other places. She was living with her relatives at that time, and she didn’t have enough resources to leave the country. However, when the Lord called her, He provided for her expenses, and she arrived in East Timor in no time! How faithful God is to His children!

In her early years, she faced some challenges such as learning the language and adapting to the culture. The locals speak three languages, so her team leader suggested she learn three of them. “Lord, I’m not good at learning languages, especially three languages considering my age now” she prayed. But she saw God’s favor in her life despite not speaking Portuguese, Tetum, and Indonesian. The locals are very kind and considerate, even when there were instances where it could cause misunderstanding. She was treated with kindness and generosity by the people there. Sis Aurora thanked God for always being with her.

Being an English teacher in East Timor is the platform she uses to reach out to her students and to show the love and grace she receives from God. God also opened doors for her to expand her influence. She was recommended to teach English to the wife of the Korean Ambassador living in East Timor. She thought, “Lord, who am I to teach this person. . . the wife of the Korean ambassador?” Sis Aurora thinks she doesn’t have the qualifications to teach her because she didn’t take up a major in teaching English. But the Lord has worked things out already on her behalf. When she met her, she found out that she’s also a Christian and they became good friends. The Korean ambassador’s wife just wanted to have someone to converse with, therefore Sis Aurora’s worries turned into gratitude to God. She was thankful that the Lord showed His grace and favor upon her. All things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose!

Another unexpected miracle that God showed to Sis Aurora happened amid the pandemic.

During this pandemic, a lot of people are struggling, especially financially. People lost their jobs and the very source of their income, but for us servants of God – He is our source. Therefore, we have nothing to worry about. Sis Aurora saw the Lord’s miracle when she poured out her heart to Him. There was a property back in their hometown that her family wanted to sell because of the dire situation they were in. They needed a huge amount of money to pay off the debt. Sis Aurora doesn’t have that huge amount of money, so she prayed to God and asked for His help. She laid down her problems in God’s hands and experienced His miracle! The Lord answered her prayer by using the least expected person to give her that huge amount of money she needed. It was $3,100 which is 155,000 pesos! The man gave the money to Sis Aurora without even expecting anything in return or to be paid back. Sis Aurora was so amazed at how the Lord showed His grace and favor in her life not only when she is in the mission field but also in helping her family back in the Philippines.

No one else can do this but God! It is God who touched the heart of the man to give that huge amount of money to Sis Aurora when she needed it. It is God’s love and favors to His children because He is a good, good Father. It’s not because of what we do for Him but because of Who He is – the God who is faithful!

Nothing can surpass God’s goodness in the lives of His children, and it is amazing how He guides and provides for those who faithfully answered His call. Therefore, do not be afraid to take that step of faith, because God is always faithful!

Despite this pandemic, God is the source of everything, and we have nothing to worry about because He is sovereign. He holds our future in His hands and that alone deserves the highest praises and glory!

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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