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They didn't have to worry about what to eat for someone always leaves food at their front door.


Pastors Rodrigo and Fe Rambano were called to go to Malaysia in 2016. During their short mission trip there, their gift of healing and deliverance was exercised. While they were at the prayer mountain, they received a revelation from the Lord. Soon enough, they were invited to go to a nearby Filipino community. The couple was used by God to preach about healing and deliverance which was what most people needed to hear. It was a timely sharing of the Word of God because there was a family who was about to leave the place. An old Malaysian woman persecuted them and kept on shouting at them relentlessly. They were glad that they were able to empower themselves through their mission and served their purpose in going to Malaysia. They returned to the Philippines with praises in their hearts and they were looking forward to their next mission.

In 2017, Pastors Rodrigo and Fe went to Bangkok, Thailand. They stayed there for a week when they received a word from God telling them “You’re leaving this place.” To which Pastor Fe asked, “Where are we going?” Their itinerary was only for two weeks so they were wondering where they would go next. Then, a missionary pastor told them that there was a need for a teacher in one of the schools in a province. They were brought there, and Pastor Fe got the job. Praise God! Therefore, they managed to extend their mission in Thailand.

It was the closing of the school year, so Pastor Fe was finalizing the grades of the students. Their supposed 15 days trip to Thailand became two months. It was by the grace of God that they were able to extend and do their ministry. While they were doing it, they had a limited budget. But the Lord used some people to bless them. There’s one co-teacher who always leaves food in front of their door. After they went out for a walk, they would see something hanging on the door and it was food! “God’s provision was truly amazing!” the couple commented.

They have experienced these amazing things, but they also faced some challenges. They remember on their first night in that province that they had no furniture in their accommodation, no bed so they had to sleep on the cold floor. Pastor Rodrigo went out to buy some boxes so they could sleep on them. However, he couldn’t find any at the nearby stores. On his way back, he saw some rolled plastic that they could sleep on. He thanked the Lord that they wouldn't be sleeping on the floor but had something to use. Later on, when they got the money, they were able to buy a sleeping mat and were able to sleep comfortably. They thanked the Lord for everything that they have, and they were grateful for the opportunity given to them to serve in that place.

In addition, the couple felt the love and support of the Filipinos who welcomed them as missionaries, and they were blessed with food all the time. It was the end of the school term, and they were about to go home. Pastor Fe’s salary was just enough to purchase their ticket back home and there were still a few things they needed before going home. The Filipino pastor of the Don Mueang Church specifically asked them what they needed and said to provide it for them. The couple said that they need traveling bags to put all their stuff and the things they have received from friends. They were surprised to receive two huge luggage bags and were so grateful. As the couple tidied their things up, there were a couple of things they decided to give to others. From afar, Pastor Fe saw a peddler and she asked him to come closer. She gave him some of the things which might be useful for him and knowing that there was a language barrier, she still decided to talk about Jesus to him through sign language. She prayed for him and asked him to repeat the prayer with her. Her heart was filled with joy to share not only the material blessings but also the spiritual blessings from the Lord.

One week before the couple’s flight back to the Philippines, a Filipino church accommodated them, and they were able to help with the ministry. They preached and helped with the worship service while they were there. Pastors Rodrigo and Fe were so grateful to the Lord for the things they experienced while they were in the mission field, and they are so looking forward to traveling again to other nations as the Lord wills it.

Despite this pandemic, the Word of God is the source of their strength and joy, and they continue to communicate with the people and students they have met when they were in the mission field. They continue to build their relationship with them, pray for them, and share the Gospel with them.

Even this pandemic can’t stop them from doing their mission. Indeed, God’s faithfulness continues in the lives of His children, and it is amazing how He uses them mightily as they follow Him. Let’s lift our hands and give the highest praises to God who created the heavens and the earth. Nothing can compare with His love and grace for everyone! Hallelujah!

1 Peter 4:10

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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