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The water pipe was broken but it led to a much bigger blessing.

Updated: Aug 7, 2022


Going to the mission field with limited resources is daunting. It is terrifying to think that you won’t have a roof over your head, money to buy food, and to be a stranger in a foreign land. However, as the Lord gives His word that He will provide for you when you step out of your comfort zone, a whole new world and reality would unfold right before your eyes.

Pastor Marilyn Palalon is one of the IT missionaries in Pattaya, Thailand and she saw how the Lord provided for her and her family and the team in Thailand. It took her five years before she responded to the Lord to go on a long-term mission. But as she stepped out in faith, she saw how the Lord amazingly provided everything in advance. On both of her trips to Vietnam and Cambodia, she received envelopes with money and pieces of jewelry. She met people who handed those envelopes and told her that they wanted to give them to her for quite some time, but they had no means of giving them to her. Therefore, when Pastor Marilyn went to Vietnam and Cambodia, they were so happy to finally give the blessings to her.

It is quite comforting to know that we are serving a God who knows our needs before we even ask for them. He prepared them in advance for her to use and that was just the beginning of His grace and provision for Pastor Marilyn and her family.

After her short mission trips to Vietnam and Cambodia, she finally went to Thailand.

As she and her children decided to do full-time in the ministry, they met the team in Pattaya, Thailand, and stayed with them in the mission house. They were indeed living by faith because they had no work, so they couldn’t afford to rent a place. However, as they fully rely on God, they saw His miracles. An unfortunate incident happened in the mission house when the water pipe burst. The water was overflowing, so they plan to repair it. There was so much water that they had to scoop the water and mop the floor simultaneously. They didn’t have the money to find a new place, so they decided to repair the broken pipe and went to the nearby hardware store. As they look for some tools to fix the pipe, they meet a man who is a Christian and he is the man of peace that God sent to help them. When the man found out that they are missionaries and about their current situation, he offered them a new place to live. He gave them three options, a house, a condominium, and a brand-new house in an exclusive subdivision. Everything was for free, and they just had to let him know which would be the perfect place for them to stay so they could continue with their ministry with no trouble.

What an amazing turn of events! A broken water pipe was used by God so the missionaries in Thailand will have a better accommodation as they do His will and serve Him faithfully. As they moved to a new place which is the house in an exclusive subdivision with great amenities available for use, God’s blessings didn’t stop there.

Since they fully rely on God, even their food was delivered to them every day by different people. It was astonishing how the Lord used the people they least expected to extend generosity and kindness. The team continues to do the ministry God has entrusted them and they were amazed how the Lord touches the hearts of the people they were ministering to. The people’s hearts were so open to the Gospel. Pastor Marilyn and the rest of the team in Pattaya joyfully do the will of God and they saw God’s goodness and provision in their lives despite the current pandemic.

It is truly God who guides and sustains His faithful servants who seek His will. Praise to the mighty Lord! There’s none like Him! He is the only one who can turn unfortunate events into much bigger blessings! You can see that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose!

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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Aida Escano
Aida Escano
Feb 22, 2022

Amen! Still grateful to have been part of her ministry, from Philippines, and here in Thailand.

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