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The three-in-one trip God spoke came to pass -- she traveled to Africa, Israel and Europe!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022


After Sister Lovely Sol Emelo’s journey in Europe, she was so grateful to God for all the blessings she received. As she went back to the Philippines, she continued to go on Southeast Asian mission trips. A lot of people were encouraged when they heard Sister Lovely’s testimony about how God provided for her needs when she was in Europe.

While Sis Lovely was praying for her next mission trip, God spoke to her and told her to go to Africa and the ‘Holy Land’. As obedient as she is to the Lord and based on what she just had experienced in Europe she immediately booked her ticket to Mozambique, Africa. Strange thing though, she couldn’t seem to book it because of some unknown error. She thought “maybe it’s not God’s will”. But Sis Lovely didn’t give up yet. The Lord told her to go to two places so there’s still the Holy Land that she needs to visit, which is located in Israel.

During one of the IT Thursday fellowships, she met the Global Intercessor Leader, Rossana Sadogio. Sis Lovely knew that Pastor Rossana travels often to Israel, so she made some inquiries about the fare and other details about going to Israel. She relentlessly asked other missionaries who have been to Israel questions about how their trip was. Sis Lovely set her heart on going to Israel but then she had a dream. In her dream, she was sharing the Gospel in Germany. She was a bit puzzled because why would she dream of going to Germany when she’s already going to Israel.

One day, while she was at the market, she met a porter who helped her out with her stuff. She prayed for him and right there and then he accepted Jesus in his life. She then felt a cool breeze with a still small voice saying, “My child, you are going to do the same thing in Europe”. She got so excited because it means that she will be returning to Europe, this time probably to countries that she hasn’t been to on her first trip. Sis Lovely was so happy to hear about it but in her mind, she kept thinking “how?”. She didn’t have the money nor the means to go to Europe. It was somewhat funny that she had already forgotten how God provided for her miraculously on her first trip to Europe. Yet, the Lord understands the frailty of His children’s hearts. “Don’t worry, you just have to bring Me with you” the Lord continued to assure her in her spirit. “Okay Lord, even though I don’t know how, I will just follow you” Sis Lovely responded.

That Thursday, she joined the International Teams mission fellowship with excitement in her heart. She then heard the announcement of a “Bless Europe” program and that there was a conference to be held in Germany. She got tears of joy as she heard this confirmation that God showed her how she could go to Europe. She was full of confidence because she got this confirmation from God. As things become clearer, Sis Lovely prayed for God’s provision. To her surprise, God has provided for her, and she’s got the money to pay for the conference fee. However, the airfare keeps on increasing.

In one of her chat groups on Facebook, some of her co-missionaries from International Teams invited her to attend a World Travel Expo. During the event, they found a travel package to Africa, Israel, and Germany at a very reasonable price. Sis Lovely couldn’t believe it, those were the three countries God told her she would go to! She prayed for God’s provision and waited for three days before she got the confirmation and the funds for this trip. She believed she could go and so she did.

She and her fellow IT missionaries flew from the Philippines to Africa. They stayed in Africa for a day, toured around the place, and had great accommodation. The next day, they all went to Israel and stayed for four days. When they were in Israel they wanted to get to places and wanted to take a van for convenience, but it was very expensive, so they decided to take the bus. In one of the places they visited, one man approached them and said, “God sent me here” and guess what? The man is a driver who owns a van. Sis Lovely and her friends had a comfortable day trip, thanks to the driver God sent to them. They were also able to visit the Holy Land, located between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea which also includes the Eastern Bank of the Jordan River. They also got the chance to swim in the Jordan River. It was usually packed with people, but they were able to have it all to themselves on the day they visited the Jordan River.

After Israel, they also visited Turkey then they went to Germany. Sister Lovely was able to attend the International Teams Europe conference held in a very beautiful mountain resort in Schonblick, Germany. After the event, she made her way to other European countries. She went to France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, and Austria. She stayed in Europe for a month and did God’s work. She shared the Gospel with the people she met. God exceeded her expectations and wherever she went God’s favor was upon her.

At that point, every piece of the puzzle was beautifully fitted in the right place forming one beautiful picture. Indeed, what God whispered to her spirit, God fulfilled. She saw herself in Africa, in Germany, in Israel, and in other European destinations, all in one continuous journey of faith.

Truly, God is very generous to His children. He knows our hearts and gives us the desires of our hearts that are aligned with His will. Sis Lovely thought she would just visit three countries, but God let her see and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and learn about the different cultures because of her obedience. She also ministered to some people and fulfilled her mission as God sent her to different places.

God’s generosity is enduring. He is not like a human, who might be generous one day and another not. We don’t often hear about generosity when we study the attributes of God. But we do hear about His loving kindness and His goodness. His generosity is just the overflow of His love and goodness, motivating Him to give. Let’s exalt our Father in Heaven whom we adore! Glory to His great Name!

Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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