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The overflowing favor of God silenced the people who criticized them!


IT missionary, Pastor Serge Amigo and his family experience God’s goodness in their lives as they continue to serve in Thailand. He and his family became busy with the work of the Lord because Pastor Serge is given the opportunity to preach regularly in Pakkret Church which is the local church they are serving. They also started a community development project in Keha Uaathon, Pakkret and they continue to serve in the orphanage. They were renting a room for the children they were teaching, and all of these were supported by the Pakkret Church including their house rent.

Consequently, by the grace and favor of God, Pastor Serge and his family were able to move to a bigger house where they could expand and help more locals who are willing to learn about the Gospel in English. They rented the 4th floor of a building including the rooftop, so they had enough space to use it as classrooms for the children who are willing to study more. However, since the place was new, they didn’t have enough appliances. But when the man of peace sent by God heard that they moved to a new place, he came to visit and checked how he could help them. He was so happy to bless them, and it seemed like he had won the lottery. He was excited to help Pastor Serge and his family, and he was glad to see that they moved to a bigger place. He checked the rooms and when he returned, he installed an air conditioner in five rooms including the living room. It was really a great blessing, especially during the hot weather. It’s truly amazing that God knows what His children need and gives it to them as they seek Him first!

It’s been more than five years since they moved. The place is spacious so they could also host and train the IT missionaries who would come to Thailand for mission exposure. Therefore, the new missionaries could be immersed in Thai culture. The Lord used Pastor Serge to equip other missionaries so they would be ready to go for a long-term mission trip.

In addition, while they’re serving in the Pakkret Church, God touched the heart of a Thai - Chinese family and gave them a car, motorcycle, laptop, and desktop and has been supporting them until now. Nothing is lacking when you put your trust in the Lord. Looking back, they didn’t know how they would survive with the little money they had but then God exceeded their expectations and they saw the impossible made possible by God! They’ve received abundant blessings from the heavens which the Lord poured out to them!

Another happening in Pastor Serge’s life also proved that it is the Lord who decides whether He would allow a certain situation to happen.

Last year, Pastor Serge went to the Philippines for his father’s first death anniversary. He also had some speaking engagements in other churches until April. However, because of the lockdown, his speaking engagements were canceled so he tried to reschedule his flight back to Thailand on March 23. Unfortunately, the lockdown was implemented on March 16, so he couldn’t go back to Thailand right away. He had been trying to find flights going back to his family in Thailand, but it was very expensive. For fourteen months, Pastor Serge had to stay in the Philippines.

Then in February 2021, God made a way for him to return to Thailand. It was amazing how the Lord guided him and showered His favor upon him. He had no idea how he could return but one of his acquaintances gave him a letter that had a list of all the requirements, processing, and the amount he would need. He tried to comply with all the needed requirements, but he encountered a few bumps along the way, but the Lord is in control. He was able to go through the complicated processes, so he won’t miss his flight. After complying with the tedious protocols and regulations, he was finally at the airport passing through immigration. The immigration officer told him that he was not allowed to travel. But Pastor Serge was confident that it is God’s will that he would be reunited with his family to serve the purpose of God together in Thailand. After he showed all his documents, including the Certificate of Entry he got from the Thai Embassy, he successfully passed through the immigration and got on his flight.

After his quarantine period, Pastor Serge was reunited with his family on March 4. A lot of people were surprised at how he managed to return to Thailand. Friends and acquaintances who are still stuck in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia called him and asked how in the world he was able to return to Thailand and how much money he spent on this trip. Therefore, he computed all his expenses. His ticket alone costs 30,000 pesos plus the accommodation in his quarantine in Bangkok. He spent more than 100,000 pesos but he had no idea where he got that amount. He was very surprised at where that huge sum of money came from. “Lord, thank you. I didn’t know that it would cost that much just for me to return here!” Pastor Serge praised the Lord with gladness in his heart.

Indeed, it was the Lord’s perfect timing. As he returned to serve in the church, they were all surprised to see him. His wife and daughter were pressured by the church board members and threatened that their visa would be cut off if Pastor Serge couldn’t make it back. But his wife and daughter believed that they are called to serve in Thailand, so it is the Lord who will make a way for him to return. All those who were criticizing them were silenced by the Lord as they saw the favor of God upon Pastor Serge and his family.

Pastor Serge continues to serve in Pakkret Church with his family and their hearts are filled with thanksgiving and praise to the indescribable, uncontainable, and awesome God!

Our God is amazing, and He wants to do amazing things in your life! Put Him first above all things and you would be surprised by the things He will do to you and through you.

Psalm 5:12

Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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