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The old lady she and her team took care of, happened to be rich -- she adopted them into her family!

Updated: Jul 30, 2022


Sister Millet Rodulfa was one of the very first missionaries of International Teams Philippines, a mission-sending organization. Sis Millet and her team were led by God in Indonesia. Their trip to Indonesia was quite memorable for they went by boat, not a fancy one but the one that is only seen in classic movies. As they stayed in Indonesia, they enrolled in a language school so they could secure their visa and learn the locals’ language and culture. As months passed, their money was running low. They also had to move out of the place they were temporarily staying in. For sure the Lord would never let them live out in the streets.

As they prayed earnestly to God, a kind and generous woman gave them what they have been praying for. A huge house was given to them and all they had to do was fix the house. It was an enormous house with three spacious rooms, a garage, and a backyard. God’s promise to His children will surely come to pass, that whoever asks anything in His name, He will surely do it for them. Despite having only $100 support every month it was a mystery how they were able to pay for their bills, had fare going to the language school, food, and the housekeeper they had. Sister Millet quoted, “even if you only have 20 pesos, God will multiply it. God is our provider!” It was God who multiplied the small amount of money they had. Therefore, they were able to stay in Indonesia for years. As they continued their mission in Indonesia, they met a sweet old lady, and they were asked to take care of her. Sis Millet and her team welcomed the Dutch-Indonesian lady and they called her “Eomma” which means mother. They bonded like a real family and became very close. Eomma promised them that whenever they get the chance to go to Jakarta, the capital city, to attend a huge year-end festival, she wanted to return the favor and take care of them when that time comes. After a few months, Eomma had to return to Jakarta and after some time the sad news of her passing saddened Sis Millet and her team. It was almost the end of the year when the team received a phone call from the second child of Eomma. She called to tell them to come to Jakarta to experience the year-end festival, as Eomma had promised them. She also told them that they don’t have to worry about how expensive the fare would be because everything will be provided for them. When they arrived in Jakarta, they found out that Eomma was very wealthy and that she left a word to her family that she considers the four Filipinas who loved and took care of her when she was with them as her new adopted children. Sis Millet and the team were welcomed by Eomma’s family and became a member of the family. The children of Eomma supported Sis Millet and the team, and whenever they went to different places in Indonesia, they had a place to stay, and they were always invited to family gatherings.

You’ll never know who or what kind of people you would meet along the way, that’s why regardless of someone’s status God told us to be kind and show love to others. As for Sis Millet and her team just loved others and devoted themselves to God, and because of their faithfulness, God has multiplied their blessings. What you keep is all you have, but what you give God multiplies. God is a God of multiplication; He can do more than what you think if you give all of you to Him. He can do amazing things through you once you learn to give what you have with thanksgiving, not just your resources but your devotion and all of you.

Jeremiah 30:19 ‘From them will proceed thanksgiving and the voice of those who celebrate, and I will multiply them, and they will not be diminished; I will also honor them, and they will not be insignificant.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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