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The doctor said she has cancer, but God said she's not sick. . .

Updated: Jul 18, 2022


So often, we want healing without dealing. But God has to deal with the source of our pain — the rejection, the hurt, or perhaps the betrayal — to heal us. Also, even if our bodies get sick, we don’t have to worry about it because we can trust that no sickness is greater than His love for us.

Pastor Mary Jane Gatdula, one of the IT missionaries in Japan, experienced how God has dominion over her mind, body, and soul as He healed her. Her faith was tested psychologically, spiritually, and physically. She was put to the test whether she was going to believe a bad report of her health or the healing she would receive from God.

During a yearly general check-up in Japan, Pastor Mary Jane received terrible news. She was positive for cancer. Accompanied by her husband, Pastor Gilbert, she went to a Cancer Diagnostic Center in Okazaki City to get a second opinion. Before the result came out, she heard a voice saying, “You are not sick”. However, the result turned out to be positive. The doctor told her that she has cancer. The doctor advised her to go to a big hospital to get an intensive check-up. She went and after her thorough check-up, she was informed that the result will come out after a month. Since it was an intensive check-up, the doctors had to run a lot of tests; therefore, it will take some time before they could release the result.

All the symptoms that she saw and felt say “Yes, it’s positive” but she holds fast to the Word of God. Daily, she declares the truth of the Gospel, “Jesus is my life, and I am not sick”. She rebuked the sickness and spoke of healing and life. One month passed and as she returned to the hospital, the result came out negative! “Indeed! We are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us”! Pastor Mary Jane thanked the Lord and praised Him for healing her. It was definitely a miracle that she would never forget! Truly, Jesus is our Healer and the only one who can perform miracles in our lives!

It was one of the most remarkable things she had experienced while she was in the mission field for the Lord showed that His Word was enough to cure her. As the Lord says, “He always leads us in His triumphal procession!” Pastor Mary Jane believes it as she is able and healthy. She and her husband continue to serve the Lord and the church they have started, the Amazing Grace Mission Church came into fruition and has four local churches in different cities and two daughter churches in the Philippines. Praise God for He is faithful and so amazing! We don’t need to be perfect or know a lot of things, but we just have to trust Him. In Him, we are more than conquerors! Hallelujah!

Romans 8:37

We are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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