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The $20 trip to Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


BYKOTA, Be Ye Kind One to Another, is Pastors Elsie and Levi’s ministry in Poipet, Cambodia. They have been IT missionaries in Cambodia for 6 years. Last year, they started an annual short mission trip to other countries to explore and learn more about other cultures and to pray for every land they step on.

They have set the date of their short-term mission trip even though some of them haven't booked their plane tickets yet. Their itinerary was to go to Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore. With four countries to visit, they should also at least have $200 each allotted pocket money to make sure they would have a smooth trip. Sister Elsie and her team prayed every day and asked for God’s provision for their scheduled trip. Their departure date is almost up ahead but Sister Elsie didn’t secure her plane ticket yet. Two days before their departure she suddenly got the money, and she was able to book her ticket. She was so grateful to God that she got her ticket so she could go with her team, but they encountered another predicament; most of them only had $20 pocket money... yes, $20 and not $200. It seems absurd to go with only $20, but with faith, they decided to go. Nothing could stop them from going. They believed in their hearts that God will provide for them for He never fails to do so!

Their first stop was in Bangkok, Thailand. They managed to travel by bus from Cambodia to Thailand and stayed there for two days and one night. Then, from Thailand, they had to go to Malaysia, and fortunately, Pastor Levi’s friend who is a Malaysian pastor hosted them for two days. After the amazing two days they spent in Malaysia they had to depart for Brunei. For five days they were offered a comfortable stay at a friend’s house and got the chance to explore the city and met some locals along the way which made their trip memorable. It was time for them to leave Brunei and they returned to Malaysia, for two days accommodation was provided again for them, with free meals and a free tour around the city! Truly, they were showered with God’s favor wherever they went. Finally, they went to Singapore and did a prayer walk. After their 13-day trip, they went back to Poipet, Cambodia, and couldn’t believe that they had more than $20 as they returned home. One Sunday morning, they shared their testimonies and praised the Lord, and inspired others because of their unfaltering faith. They were too focused on God than the money they had in their pockets, and they were able to go, not just to one country but to four. When your eyes are fixed on Jesus, worry has no hold in your life.

God’s word is true that there’s nothing we should worry about because He is the God who provides for His children. Don’t underestimate what the Lord can do with your life, and it’s never about your financial resources but your faith in Him that matters when you obey His calling in your life!

Matthew 6:34

So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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