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“God uses the weak so they can see where they should be pointed at -- to the One who called them."


Pastor Jay R. Loredo is one of the IT missionaries in Kazakhstan who didn’t only find his mission field but also his life partner. Pastor Jay and his wife are currently serving the Lord in Kazakhstan.

After Pastor Jay departed from South Korea, his journey of faith to Kazakhstan began. He was reunited with his fiancé, and they continue to deepen their relationship as they pray for God’s will in their lives. In September 2016, he started his studies at one of the prestigious universities in Kazakhstan. He also started doing his ministry at the school. Pastor Jay was reaching out to his classmates and the locals through English.

Then a month later, he felt a strong conviction from the Lord that it is His will that he marries his fiancé. It was October 2016, when he and his fiancé got married and it was God who provided for their wedding expenses. They were so amazed at how the Lord helped them in preparing for their wedding and for blessing their marriage.

As Pastor Jay continues to study at the university for four years, he saw how God provided for his tuition fee. It was thousands of dollars every year, but Pastor Jay didn’t have to pay using his own resources. God provided for it. Another blessing was after he graduated from the university, he got a job right away! He got a teaching position in an international school and the compensation is quite good. Also, he and his wife are blessed to have their second baby boy this year. It was such an overflow of blessings!

“We are counting on what God will do for me and my family as we are reaching out here.” Pastor Jay commented. “God uses the weak so they can see where they should be pointed at. The starting point is not yourself but the One who called you. I understood the starting point of my calling and it’s not by my might but on what God can do in my life – that is, to trust Him and His will. If it is His will, He will provide” Pastor Jay added.

We can see how amazing God is in the life of Pastor Jay. God showed His favor upon Pastor Jay as he got his visa and traveled to Kazakhstan. He was reunited with his fiancé, enrolled in a school supported by God, got married with God’s blessings and provision, and got a well-paid job after he graduated. On top of that, he is blessed with adorable children, and it just shows that God is faithful in keeping His promise to those whom He called, and it is accompanied by His purpose and overflowing blessings!

What an awesome God we serve!

Ephesians 1:3

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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