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She went to Malaysia by herself but her employer didn't show up. Was it a scam or God's plan?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022


There's no guarantee of what happens in our everyday lives. However, we have nothing to worry about because we know we are always safe in God’s hands. This is a story about how God saved one of His children in the mission field and how He sent someone to be her aid.

Sister Kathy Merencillo, an IT missionary, was first called to go to Malaysia. To secure her stay in Malaysia, she had to acquire a visa and one of the ways would be through an NGO. Before she left the Philippines, she did her research and found out about the NGO through the internet. She applied and got their contact details. She was told she needed to be interviewed in person once she arrived in Malaysia.

She settled in for a few days in Malaysia and received a scheduled interview with the NGO she applied for. The NGO office she had to go to for the interview was 13 hours away from the place she was staying in. She was new to the place where she doesn’t speak their language and she had to travel alone but she felt God’s peace upon her. She received the instructions to go to the location. She felt a little bit scared but the assurance she received from God was greater than her fear. “The Lord is with me” she declared wholeheartedly. She took the risk and she prepared for her journey.

When she got on the bus, she informed the person who was going to pick her up the moment she arrived at the bus station. It was 8 p.m. when she first texted but got no reply. After an hour, she sent her a message again but still, there was no response. Her estimated time of arrival was at 3 a.m. so, at 10 p.m. she texted her again, hoping she would reply. There was still no response and she started to feel a bit scared. She didn’t personally know the person she was meeting, and she wasn’t responding to her messages. She started to have a lot of thoughts in her mind, “Maybe this isn’t real, and it’s probably a scam.” But a verse reminded her of God’s promise, “Joshua 1:9, Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” She repeatedly recited this verse despite the fear she was feeling. “I guess I can stay at the bus station and just wait there until she comes, “she thought. She tried to come up with a plan since the person who was going to pick her up was still not replying to her messages.

She’s been restless. She tried to sleep but for every hour she would check her phone; hoping she would reply to her messages. She prayed and prayed but as the bus was running all she saw were trees and it was so dark. The bus ticket collector called out something and a lot of passengers got off the bus. Not knowing the language, she thought it was her destination already and she almost got off. As she sat back in her seat, one lady approached Sis Kathy and asked “Miss, are you a Filipino?” Kathy smiled and replied “Yes”. The lady explained that she got off already, but God told her to get on the bus again and Sis Kathy caught her eye, so she sat beside her. Kathy showed her the address she was going to, and the lady said she could take the same stop and ask her brother-in-law who would pick her up to give Sis Kathy a ride as well to her destination. “You are truly a Godsend” Sis Kathy was so grateful for the offered help.

They arrived at the bus station, but it was so dark and very remote. There was some public transportation offered by strangers, but it seemed shady. Luckily, the lady’s brother-in-law arrived. Sis Kathy was introduced to him, and they sent her to the address of the NGO office. They arrived at a school, but it was already closed. “Where should I go?” Sis Kathy was worried. God used again the lady and her brother-in-law to help Sis Kathy. They suggested she could stay with them in the meantime and that they will send her to that school again the next day. It was 6 a.m. when her phone suddenly rang. “Miss Kathy, where are you?” The person on the other line asked about Sis Kathy’s whereabouts and apologized for not being able to pick her up at the said time. It was the school admin and she explained why she couldn’t make it. She got so ill and completely forgot to check her phone for Sis Kathy’s messages. She was so worried about Sis Kathy, and she apologized for what happened. Three hours later, the school admin of the NGO picked her up with the address Sis Kathy gave. Later that day, Sis Kathy was hired as one of the teachers in that school and secured a visa to stay in Malaysia. Besides that, she experienced and received bountiful blessings from God during her stay in Malaysia.

Despite the mix-up in the schedule, Sis Kathy learned that God always keeps His promises. In a hopeless situation, God sent her His woman of peace to guide her and accommodate her needs. He is truly the amazing God who rescues His children! God made her feel safe in a strange land and because of that experience she was always reminded that God keeps His Word all the time. Presently, Sis Kathy works at the IT office, and she has been traveling to different countries without feeling any intimidation or fear even if she would be alone because she knows that God is always with her.

Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)



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