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She couldn't deny that it was indeed God who spoke and made it all happen!

Updated: May 24, 2022


God speaks to us in different ways. It could be in a dream, through a person, or in a situation. When you heard what God has said, what do you usually do next? Do you disregard it and think that maybe you just misheard it? Or do you believe that whatever it is that God said will surely happen?

On Sis Vadeth's second night in Canada, God told her that she has to go to Alberta. So, she did. However, the bad weather hindered her from going.

As the story continues, Sister Vernadette “Vadeth” Lepardo, went back to Hamilton where her husband’s cousin lives. She inquired the Lord, “Lord, I have to go back to the Philippines soon. But You said I should go to Alberta, right?” She knew in her heart that God told her to go, so she wanted to confirm what she heard from Him. Then once again, she received a phone call from someone who would pay for her flight to Alberta! God truly provides!

Her ticket was booked, and she arrived safely in Alberta. She met her cousin in Alberta and her friends and former classmates from the Bible school were there, too. Everything was provided once more for her.

She experienced things that she never expected. She stayed in a hotel that has been paid for, ate in fancy restaurants, rode a sports car, and was toured around places. She even got the chance to visit Saskatchewan as well. God used a lot of people to reward Sis Vadeth’s obedient heart.

Then, one Sunday while she was attending the Sunday service. Pastor Jon, her former classmate from the Bible School, spoke the same verse Pastor Gani has spoken in her dream. “Enlarge the place of your tent and let your tent curtains be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your ropes and drive your pegs deep.” She was so surprised to hear it. It was the same promise God gave her before she left the Philippines! She felt so overwhelmed that God made it all happen. She saw God’s hand move in everything that she did, the places she went, and the people she met.

Sis Vadeth was deeply overwhelmed with her experiences. When she told Pastor Jon about it, he said that it wasn’t his initial preaching, but he was awakened by God to change his message. Now, he fully understood why. God wanted Sis Vadeth to hear that message again. She felt so loved by the Lord for He did all those things just to remind her that He keeps His promises to His children.

It was truly magnificent to see what God did in Sis Vadeth’s journey of faith when she was in Canada. It was beyond words! No one can say that all those things were just coincidences. It happened several times to be called a coincidence.

The blessings kept overflowing. As a matter of fact, she was asked to stay in Canada by many. However, she made a promise to return to the Philippines. Before she arrived in the Philippines, she had a 24-hour layover in Shanghai. It was God’s favor that she received an entry visa and God sent a woman of peace to assist Sis Vadeth during her short period of stay in Shanghai. The American missionary who was her former acquaintance accommodated her and toured her to fancy places in Shanghai. She was indeed highly favored by the Lord!

As you wait on the Lord for your breakthrough, continue to focus on your heavenly Father’s goodness and His willingness and ability to provide what you need. What follows is a collection of God’s promises for provision, some already well-known and well-loved, that will help keep you enveloped in a cloud of your Father’s love and grace.

Trust in your heavenly Father’s heart of love toward you, and the perfection of your Savior in saving and providing for you and see all the wonderful promises in His Word come to pass for you!

Isaiah 54:2

Enlarge the place of your tent and let your tent curtains be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your ropes and drive your pegs deep.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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