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She was amazed at how God revealed the country she will go to next.

Updated: Aug 10, 2022


Sister Eufemia “Fem” Apolinar had heard of International Teams Philippines, a mission-sending organization through a friend. She and her friend Sister Tet were teaching at a Bible Training Center when an Access 1 Training in Bicol was held in 2006. During the training, they were challenged to pray for a place or a country to go to. Then God spoke to her friend, Sis Tet, that God will reveal it to them as they go to Hong Kong. Then to their surprise, IT had a conference in Hong Kong which opened the door for Sis Fem and Sis Tet to go. During the conference, missionaries from all over the world presented the ministry which was entrusted to them by God. One by one they did their presentation and on the last day of the conference, Cambodia was presented and that’s when Sis Fem felt that it struck her heart. She wrote it down in her notebook and prayed silently. “Lord, I’m not going to say it first. Since you revealed to Tet that we would know the country as we come here in Hong Kong, then I would follow Tet to the country You would have revealed to her”, Sis Fem uttered. Sis Tet asked Sis Fem what country was impressed by God in her heart. However, she asked the question back to Sis Tet. “Cambodia” Sis Tet responded. Sis Fem told her that it was the same country God had impressed in her heart and that she even wrote it down. They were amazed at how God revealed the country they will go to next. They thanked the Lord and blessed His Name for giving them instructions as to where to go next! After the conference, they went to the Philippines and it took them months before the Lord reminded them that it was time for them to go to Cambodia. At that time, IT announced the mission exposure trips to other countries. One IT staff asked Sis Fem about the country she wanted to go to. Sis Fem responded, “Cambodia was placed in my heart by God” to which the IT staff replied, “Why don’t you go to Cambodia then?” She could feel that it was God giving her a nudge to go. Soon after that, Sis Fem and Sis Tet went to Cambodia. Back then, there was no direct flight from Manila to Cambodia. They had to fly from Manila to Malaysia, then take the train to Thailand, and after that crossed the border to Cambodia. As they reached Poipet, which is the border of Cambodia, poverty was seen on every corner. People carrying rickshaws transporting goods and working so hard to earn money. Their hearts ached for them. Sis Fem and her friend stayed in Siem Reap City for a month during their exposure trip and after that, they had to return to the Philippines. While the airplane was ascending, they both wept and prayed “Lord, we’ll return here in Cambodia”. A few months later, they returned to Cambodia as full-time missionaries. It is not easy, but God sustained Sis Fem, so she is still in Cambodia serving the Lord. Sis Fem and Sis Tet experienced some discouragements and trials, but the Lord gave His word to them. “Don’t look at Cambodia with your physical eyes but look at Cambodia with your spiritual eyes. Cambodia will flow with milk and honey.” With those words in mind, it kept Sis Fem and Sis Tet moving forward and continuing serving the Lord in Cambodia. As Sis Fem teaches English to the children, she was able to share God’s love and His Word with them. Sis Fem believes in her heart that God will be her strength and He will be the one to empower and sustain her in the mission field so she will never give up her calling as a missionary. Her life is filled with joy as she stays in Cambodia – the land where God has called her. God never said the rivers wouldn’t rise or the flames of the fire blaze. What He did promise us is that He would be with you through it all protecting and guiding you. God’s plans for you are eternal, not temporary. He’s in it with you for the long haul and He will see you through until you are standing face to face with Him in heaven.

Isaiah 43:2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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