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She saw the beauty and God’s glory in waiting for His perfect timing.

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


One of the most challenging things to do is to wait; especially, when you do not know for how long or when there is an alternative. These are the uncomfortable shoes that believers sometimes find themselves in when they need to wait upon the Lord for an admission, job, marriage, children, healing, or a provision of any sort.

However, it pays a lot to wait upon the Lord. Normally, science would predict that there is walking before running then if possible, enough momentum is gathered to fly. However, those who wait upon the Lord after finally receiving strength from Him go in the reverse order: fly, run, then walk.

Sister Mary Grace Antoniette “Aynette” Salabao, IT Trainer and missionary saw the beauty and God’s glory in waiting for His perfect timing. Waiting upon the Lord gave her the boost she needed to fly high and go to other countries.

Sis Aynette’s husband, Brother Chris was the first one to join the IT Philippines, a mission-sending organization. The day before his departure for the exposure trip in Cambodia, he told Sis Aynette to join IT Philippines as well.

Sis Aynette decided to join, and she attended the training. She was so blessed during the training and she would never forget the words of Pastor Gani Sison, IT Executive Director. “Do not fear for when the Lord guides, He provides”, said Pastor Gani. While Sis Aynette was on the bus on her way back to Tarlac she was contemplating and meditating when she uttered “Lord, the door has opened for me and my family. We will obey and go”.

After her husband’s mission exposure trip, it was her turn to go. Thus, she had her passport renewed. However, she faced some challenges regarding the renewal of her passport. She found out that there was a discrepancy with her mother’s maiden name, so it should be changed. However, the process was painstaking. She had to comply with the law, seek a lawyer’s assistance and send all her documents back to her hometown which is in Iloilo to process her documents.

It took a year before she was able to renew her passport because of the discrepancy, but her waiting paid off for she received her passport with 10 years of validity in October 2018. Because of that delay, she got the ten years validity of her passport instead of just five years. “It pays to wait upon the Lord” Sis Aynette commented. Now that she has her passport, she’s ready to fly!

In 2019, International Teams Philippines held the East Asia Conference in Thailand on April 11-13. Sis Aynette was the very first to book her ticket to Thailand. For the Lord has provided for her in advance. Her ticket to Thailand was already booked in January even before the conference was announced! It’s fascinating how God prepared Sis Aynette’s path towards Him! God was indeed directing her steps! Sis Aynette praised the Lord with a grateful heart and she’s looking forward to experiencing God’s miracles as she embraces this journey of faith.

That’s just the beginning of God’s goodness in Sis Aynette’s life. There’s more to this story that gives glory to God!

God, you are so remarkable! Your unconditional love overflows within us. We are privileged to be filled by your presence. The youth are filled with your vision. The old are filled with your wisdom. The oppressed are unchained by your freedom. Almighty God, Father, Son, and Spirit we worship you!

Acts 1:7

He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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