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She knew they are servants' of God and blessed them because God had told her.

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

“BELIEVE IT!” (Part 2)

Pastor Ian Magbojos with Pastor Manny and Archie, all IT missionaries, arrived in Hong Kong safely. When they arrived in Hong Kong, they only had very little money and no itinerary. They didn’t know what to do but they entrusted this trip to God. They didn’t have enough money to book a hotel room. Amazingly though, they were accommodated by some Filipino acquaintances, and they stayed in the church for 10 days. They knew in their hearts that it was already an act of God.

The next day, Pastor Ian was requested to sing and share his testimony to different churches and received love gifts from different people. Pastor Manny and Argie also had different schedules when it came to preaching to churches, so all three of them received an outpouring of God’s blessing. Therefore, they were able to buy proper food for days. Praise God for providing for their needs! They were broke when they stepped into Hong Kong, but then God opened the floodgates of heaven and poured out so many blessings shortly after they arrived!

One Saturday morning, before Pastor Ian went to the church, he decided to have a cup of coffee. However, there were no seats available inside the coffee shop. There was one table in front of the cafe, so he sat there as he drank his coffee. A few minutes later, a man asked to share the table with him since it was crowded inside. He thought the man was Chinese, but he turned out to be an American citizen. They started talking and Pastor Ian found out that the man had been living in San Fernando, La Union in the Philippines for six years. Pastor Ian was amazed as he heard it. He and his family lived in San Fernando, La Union before they moved to Manila, but they hadn't met or bumped into each other back then. He shared the Word of God with the man and right there and then the man accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. As Pastor Ian prayed for him the man was crying. He was so grateful that he met Pastor Ian and got saved on that day. “A soul was saved because I went to Hong Kong even though I didn’t have money” Pastor Ian commented.

Since Pastor Ian, Manny and Argie were already in Hong Kong, they thought it would be a good idea to visit Macau even just for a day. But again, their money won’t be enough to cover all the expenses if they go. A bunch of ladies, who are members of the church they were staying at, contributed some money so they would have a fare to go to Macau. The strangest thing was, that they didn’t ask the ladies for some money, and they were just singing some praise songs while they were discussing their plan to go to Macau.

On Sunday night, they were contemplating whether they would go or not. Their money was just enough for the fare to go back and forth and no extra for food or any leisure activities. But with faith, they decided to go.

The following day they went to Macau, but it was a lot harder than they thought because there was a political rally at that time. By the grace of God, they safely arrived in Macau and started right away with the ministry. They did prayer walks, worshiped in the streets of Macau, and shared the Gospel. After walking a lot, they decided to rest in a nearby food court. They were hungry but what they only had was some biscuits. Hoping they could have some water, Brother Argie asked a service crew, who’s a Filipina, if there was available drinking water he could get for free. She told him that the water was for sale, so Brother Argie went back to his seat empty-handed because he didn’t have the money to buy some drinks to help him endure the few hour's wait before they go back to Hong Kong. A few minutes later, the Filipina service crew approached them with three bottles of water then she left. However, she came back again “The Lord said that you are God’s servants” she spoke while giving them 100 Hong Kong dollars. They were so stunned at how she knew that they are God’s people! Nonetheless, they were so happy they could buy food. God really works in mysterious ways!

They originally planned to return to Hong Kong on that same day. But when Pastor Ian posted some of their pictures taken in Macau on Facebook, someone commented on his post and connected them to someone who can help them get around places. Pastor Jeffrey Oliveros who's from Nueva Ecija province was leading a church in Macau and he came to pick them up. Pastor Jeffrey treated them to dinner, toured them around, and hosted them for one night before they went back to Hong Kong. They had a great time in Macau because of God’s favor. God has been with them during their trip even though they lack the finances. God used different people to bless them. Because of their obedience, souls have been saved and they were able to minister to others. They also learned about God’s amazing goodness on this trip which made them believe in greater things to happen in the future.

Last year in November, Pastor Jeffrey Oliveros, the one they met in Macau, went back to the Philippines and joined the International Teams family. He was encouraged how Pastor Ian, Manny, and Argie would go to other countries with or without money, that Christ was more than enough for them as they go on mission trips.

The Lord indeed is amazing in making Himself known to others. How he connects people and how he brings people to share the Good News with others! He is sovereign and all-knowing! Praise God who is the Author of our lives and the savior of all nations!

Psalm 37:23

The steps of a man are established by the Lord when he delights in his way.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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