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She gave up on saving for the car she needed and went on missions -- God gave her a much better car!


Pastor Therese Nicole Aguinalde is an IT missionary and the president of Joshua Rising, the youth mobilization ministry of International Teams Philippines. When she joined the IT Family, she became active in participating in conferences and mission activities. But there was a conference she joined in April 2018 in Pattaya, Thailand that left a great impression on her heart. She had encounters with God but her experience in Pattaya was rather unexpected.

During the conference, one of the pastors had a mime performance and Pastor Nicole found herself struck by the line from the song which says, “I will not give to God anything that costs me nothing.” It hit her so hard and realized that she should give her best to the Lord, not just bits and pieces of what was left. She firmly decided to give wholeheartedly to God whatever He asks of her.

Earlier that year, Pastor Nicole had a dilemma. She wanted to save up to buy a car, but she also knew in her heart that God had called her to go on missions. Both required huge amounts of money therefore, she knew she had to choose whether it was the car she needed or God’s calling. But as she received the revelation in Thailand, she decided to give up on saving for the car she needed, and her heart was set on going on missions even if it would be too costly.

As she embarked on mission trips, she had more encounters with the Lord, and it was a very special time for her. She went to Cambodia and saw how God moved in her life and in the people she met. She and the other missionaries were able to share Jesus with random strangers and they were able to lead them to salvation. On top of that, the activities of the Joshua Rising ministry enabled them to connect with people who needed help with the ministry. “It was amazing how God works” Pastor Nicole commented.

Five months later after she decided on pursuing God rather than saving up for a car, God had a surprise for her. Pastor Nicole got a car that is much better than what she originally had planned to buy. It was truly unexpected because she didn’t even save up for it, but God made it happen. She praised the Lord greatly and it was just one of the many blessings and miracles she had received from the Lord as she continues to serve Him. Hallelujah! Indeed, God can exceed our expectations and He’s a good, good Father who rewards His obedient children.

Serving Jesus has a cost, but it is worth it! The God who is Almighty, King of Kings, and the Great I Am love us with such an unending, unconditional love that He sent His Son to be our sacrifice. How can we say no to Him when He asks us to sacrifice every day, close family relationships, and some comfort, and health? Jesus sacrificed His life on the cross for us. We have learned that HE is worth it and that HE will honor and look after those who are willing to sacrifice and daringly follow Him.

Things may not be perfect and hard times will come, but He makes all things good! We have seen the beauty of His Church working together and have felt the miracle of prayers said in different languages from His people around the world. This is the God we serve, the God to whom we will not sacrifice something that has cost us nothing. It has cost us, but HE is worth it and has blessed us beyond what we have ever dreamed.

2 Samuel 24:24

But the king said to Araunah, “No, but I will certainly buy it from you for a price. I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God which cost me nothing.” So, David purchased the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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