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AMAZING!!! The Lord answered my prayers. . . again and again and again!

Updated: Aug 14, 2022


In the previous stories, we all have read how Pastor Manny Magabulo, an IT missionary, became the man of God he is now. God keeps on using his testimony to relate to others and to inspire them that God has the power to change someone; from being a homosexual Pastor Manny became a mighty man of God. His journey of faith never stops, and he is constantly called by God to go to all nations.

Pastor Manny had the desire to go to Canada, but he always seeks God’s will. As he prayed about it, a friend invited him to go to Canada and that he could bring six more people with him. So, he asked six of his friends to come with him. They were all excited and started processing their visa application. Unfortunately, Pastor Manny’s friends failed to get a visa, but they believed that they will be able to go someday. The only one who was given a Canadian visa was Pastor Manny. He was even granted a three-year multiple entry visa. It was very overwhelming for him to receive the news of his visa approval. He was overjoyed and praised the Lord greatly.

A few days later, Pastor Manny received an invitation to speak at a Camp for Jesus event in Canada. He was asked to share his testimony on how God changed him from being a homosexual to the man of faith he is now. The event was scheduled for October 17, 2019, so he had to fly to Canada at least a week before the event. He already got his visa, but he had no ticket yet. He had six days left before the appointed time of his departure, but he had no money to book his ticket and no pocket money to use in Canada. Despite the situation he was in, he was not worried at all. He experienced many times already how God works in situations like this. He knows that God would always provide for those whom He called. His heart was at peace.

A few days left before his scheduled trip to Canada, Pastor Manny got invited to preach in one of the biggest churches in Laguna. As he preached, he also declared healing to the sick. By the power of the Holy Spirit, as Pastor Manny prayed for one church member who was crippled, a miracle happened. The crippled man started to stand on his feet and was able to take a few steps. The church members were so amazed by the power of God and praised the Lord for the healing of the crippled man that day.

With the departure date just around the corner, Pastor Manny continued to pray for God’s provision so he could book his ticket to Canada. After his earnest prayer, one of his friends in Singapore surprisingly sent him money. Only God knows about his situation and God touched the heart of his friend, who is in a distant place just to send him the money he needed. So, he booked his ticket right away. All he needed now was to figure out his pocket money. Suddenly, there was another unexpected blessing before his flight. Someone he ministered to in the past gave him 10,000 pesos. It was something he least expected. Praise God for opening the gates of heaven’s riches! Now he is all set to go to Canada! It was obviously the Lord who worked out all these things.

When Pastor Manny arrived in Canada, he was warmly welcomed by the people there. He was well-accommodated, and he didn’t have to worry about anything. Blessings were overflowing. He also did his mission; preaching God’s Word to churches and people he would meet along the way. While he was in Canada, the father of the crippled man who got healed in Laguna was looking for Pastor Manny. He wanted to bless Pastor Manny because he was so grateful that his son was healed. The father gave his testimony to the entire congregation and the tithes and offerings on that day were collected for Pastor Manny. Apart from that blessing, Pastor Manny enjoyed his time in Canada and God’s favor was upon him. It was the Lord who moved the people to bless him tremendously!

He stayed in Canada for almost five months, but he prayed to go back to the Philippines before his wife’s birthday. He didn’t have his return ticket to the Philippines though. He prayed and fasted for three days, then out of the blue someone messaged him “we are praying when the Lord spoke to us to book your ticket, but we don’t know where your destination is”. It was the Lord again!!!

As soon as the money was sent to him, he immediately booked his ticket but due to the pandemic, Shanghai, which was his layover, was under lockdown. His flight was booked for March 23, 2020. The concerns about COVID-19 have been all over the news. However, he was willing to take the risk just so he could go home but God had a better way for him. The direct flight from Canada to the Philippines would cost more but the person who gave him the money for his return ticket gave him more money to book a direct flight to the Philippines. He had a direct flight and arrived in the Philippines on March 16, 2020, instead. The following day, the Enhanced Community Quarantine was implemented, and the flights were banned. He was very fortunate that his arrival was a day before the ECQ! When he arrived at the airport no one could pick him up because the pandemic made it harder to commute but God sent someone again to help Pastor Manny. Someone at the airport offered him a ride to Baguio City and he was able to celebrate his wife’s birthday. It was the Lord again … and again!!

Pastor Manny blessed God’s Name greatly for there was no single moment in his life where God didn’t answer his prayer. God led him, blessed him, and provided for him. Truly God provides for all those who put their trust in Him. He is Jehovah Jireh!

Abide in the Lord. Rely on Him. Seek first the Kingdom. God knows you need water, clothes, food, a job, etc. He’ll never let the righteous go hungry. Continually pray to God and don’t doubt but have faith that He will help. God can do more than we ask Him. When the time is right, He’ll provide, and remember to always give Him praise and thanks in all situations.

Psalm 34:10

The young lions suffer, want, and hunger; but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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