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Nothing could stop God’s will and the next step is to move forward!!


Brother Macky and Sister Shirley Ramirez were IT missionaries in Taiwan for almost thirteen years. Their journey of faith started when their Bible Study leader invited them to an IT Conference which is “Windows to the World”. Brother Macky met some missionaries and heard their testimonies. Back then he thought to himself “I would never become a missionary because it’s difficult and I won’t be earning anything because it won’t provide me a job”. However, as the conference progressed, the 10/40 window and the importance of missions were explained by the IT Executive Director, Pastor Gani Sison and Brother Macky started to realize something meaningful about it. But as a new believer, Brother Macky thought he wasn’t well equipped to go on missions. Nevertheless, the Lord is working behind the scenes, and He is preparing Brother Macky and Sis Shirley to be a part of the Great Commission.

Looking back, the couple used to work in Taiwan. They attended the church service, but they didn’t have the sense of purpose that they should become missionaries. Despite that, they saw the need for the other Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to truly know God in their lives and to live morally upright. It breaks Brother Macky’s heart to see that his fellow Filipinos were bound to sin. It was when the couple’s burden for their fellow Filipinos started in Taiwan as workers. After their contract, they had to return to the Philippines because back then, by law, Filipinos were allowed to stay in Taiwan only for three years.

Then when they got the chance to join IT Philippines. They became a part of the Urban Poor Ministry. They started serving in the Philippines although they still desired to return to Taiwan. They could feel that they’re always reminded of Taiwan and that even the scent of the Taiwanese food follows them. But it was impossible for them to return because of the law that Filipinos couldn’t return once they left and finished their three-year contract. The couple continued to pray that God would make a way for them to return to Taiwan. Well, nothing is too hard for our God. He heard their prayers, and the law was modified. Filipinos are now allowed to stay more than three years and those who have left are allowed to return! Isn’t it amazing?! God turned the impossible possible!

Since that door opened for them, they believed that God would open more doors for them. After their prayer was answered, the couple prayed about how they could return to Taiwan. Their first option was to get a student visa by studying the Chinese language however it was too expensive, and they didn't have the money for it. Then an opportunity came. One of the leading motherboard manufacturers needed a technical writer. Sis Shirley applied for the position without knowing that the person who would be chosen would be sent to Taiwan. She initially thought that whoever would be chosen would work in an office in the Philippines.

During the examination, the other applicants were so confident because they were all engineers. In the Math examination, Sis Shirley wasn’t so sure of her answers because she knew that she was not good at Math. But nothing can beat God’s favor upon His children whom He called. Amazingly, Sis Shirley was chosen and hired by the company to be sent to Taiwan! It was the perfect way for them to return to Taiwan and they couldn’t deny that it was time for them to go. They saw the hand of God moved in their midst – that nothing could stop God’s will and that the next step is to move forward! It is amazing how God opens doors no one can shut and shuts doors no one can open. He's in complete control. He will open the doors of opportunity as He sees fit and close doors that He doesn't want us going through.

They were able to return to Taiwan with that given opportunity and it was just the beginning of God’s miracles in their lives. There is more to this story as they step out in faith and obey Him. God opened more doors for them and as they obey Him, they get to experience extraordinary things in life that they never have imagined. They got to travel to different countries on different continents but most importantly they have seen lives being transformed and people being led to Christ. Filipinos who are OFWs have been trained and are now leaders in churches in different parts of the world because of the ministry which was entrusted by God to Brother Macky and Sis Shirley in Taiwan.

We are so blessed to serve the God of Wonders and Miracles. Praise be to God our Lord who still does wonders and miracles on the earth today and displays His power among the people!

Jeremiah 1:8-9

"Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord. Then the Lord reached out His hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “I have put my words in your mouth."

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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