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Your SEA MISSION WORKSHOP (ACCESS 2 MISSION TRAINING) held in our Tagaytay Training venue resulted in high marks for each of you. The over two years long pandemic threat and many challenges that you faced in order to join the training were major hurdles that failed to dampen your spirits. You have displayed courage and determination to pursue God’s amazing plans for you thru the mission event. As a result, it bore wonderful fruits of victory.

We are so glad to receive the report from our evaluating team stating how blessed they were for the kind of humility and servanthood you displayed. They were also encouraged by your active participation in every part of the weeklong training program. Our Field Team Leader highly recommended all of you for full membership to our mission organization.

With such high recommendation from our field evaluators, we are delighted to officially announce your full acceptance to International Teams Philippines as our latest global missionaries.

Group 1: 1. Gil A. Magat 2. Steffany Grace A. Aliguyon 3. Madeline Mae C. Gutierrez 4. Zeny B. Litawen 5. Joy L. Arabiana 6. Resurreccion E. Mateo 7. Leoneza F. Mislang 8. Merriam R. Deguit 9. Elwina S. Malmis 10. Jacquelyn B. Salazar 11. Leo D. Bacomo 12. Robinson I. Diaz 13. Lea B. Umacob 14. Wilma S. Gorospe 15. Maria Lina B. Sefuentes 16. Elizabeth M. Ibay

Group 2.: 1. Mario M. Chan 2. Lorelie C. Friginal 3. Joy G. Diaz 4. Magdalena Dela Cruz 5. Pelagio S. Sogo-An Jr. 6. Arnel V. Viernes 7. Aida G. Resquicio-Tan 8. Rowena R. Pendon 9. Michelle Lucile G. Maralang 10. Luisita L. Vasquez 11. Judith D. Molina 12. Glen B. Molina 13. Rea Reyes 14. Tetchi T. Soltero 15. Kay D. Uy 16. Marilyn Regner 17. Mercilita G Tabing 18. Eduardo D. Rivera 19. Joel P Magbanua 20. Jemina Madeleine C Chan

Group 3: 1. Winnie M. Gocoyo 2. Christine L. Ruadiel 3. Apolonia T. Paguio 4. Devine Christine R. Agpaoa 5. Henry C. De Jesus Jr. 6. Elizabeth S. Kiangan 7. Angelica Joy F. Mollo 8. Fortunato A. Pagador 9. Jehdeiah Joyce R. Almario 10. Gloria S. Varquez 11. Nena C. Peñalosa 12. Rosely R. Guevarra 13.Analiza L. Maritani 14 Michelle M. Galam 15. Michael C. Ferrer 16. Francis E. Gandia 17. Gasmin S. Lagayo 18. Aida Liza G. Lim 19. Dionisio A. Sefuentes 20. Rosely Guevarra

Group 4: 1. Redentor M. Flores 2. Alleluia F. Divina 3. Angel Faith R. Castillo 4. Stephanie Kate M. Nucup 5. Jessa May P. Ronquillo 6. Virginia B. Aroco 7. Ruth N. Flores 8. Richard V. Magan 9. Romeo C. Rodriguez 10. Vilma V. Guerrero 11. Marilyn M. Balmaceda 12. Arlene Joy F. Baja 13. Cheryl Lynn N. Adriano 14. Rogelio E. Abawan 15. Lance Wendell M. Silao

Group 5: 1.Eriberto C. Cenizal 2. Marites Causaran de Jesus 3. Josephine M. Labaro 4. Mary Grace S Martinez 5. Soledad A. Cameron 6. Belen M. Tolentino 7. Helen M. Santos 8. Leny U Abawan 9. Anabel G. Basbas 10. Cornelia F Ngayaan 11. Marie Jane D. Gines 12. Rhodora R Ramos 13. Milben F Ebio 14. Pamela U Guiang 15. Rosalinda L. Lombendencio 16 Fatima D. Beramo 17 Elamae Venzyrelle Rivera

We have an ONLINE MEMBERSHIP BRIEFING scheduled on APRIL 28 that we would like all of you to attend, The Zoom Meeting ID and Passcode are available on the Membership page of our website. Your INTERNATIONAL TEAMS PHILS. membership contracts are being readied and will be sent to you online. You may request for an official IT PHILS. ID thru the link provided on the Membership page of our website.

WELCOME to the global family of International Teams. Congratulations IT GLOBAL EAGLES!! Go, go , go ... and bless the world!!!

Ptr Gani Sison Executive Director International Teams Phils.

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