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Congratulations to Ptr Roy Carino, Ptr. Wilson Relova, Sis. Penny Bernas and Sis. Elena Ignacio for having completed the Security and Risk Assessment training in the Netherlands. The week long training was provided by the generosity of ITeams Netherlands with specific mention to Ton & Karla Vegt, Barth and Mathilde Companjen and John Harris. They are now signed in officially as members of ITeams Phils Global Security Team.

At this moment, they are still in France and will be visiting several more countries in Europe before they head back to the Phils . It would be nice though to give them your online congratulatory greetings ahead of their arrival. I am sure that they will be elated and greatly encouraged by it.

We are so blessed to have people who are willing to commit and invest their time and resources to a vital ministry that will surely benefit our workers serving in the global mission field.

All glory and honor to Jesus!

Ptr. Gani Sison

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