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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Our Beginnings

We begin our mission blog with a compilation of stories of our early years as a mission organization. These stories molded us into who we are now as a mission organization. All stories were God focused and actual experiences of our pioneering missionaries on the field. They were firsthand narratives describing how each Filipino missionaries witnessed the mighty works of our living God in full display. They saw and tasted the miracles of God in response to their prayers which provided for their needs. They were supernaturally brought to situations that were beyond comprehension and given amazing opportunities to minister to the lost and needy people of each nation. The stories will best explain how our poor missionaries were able to sustain their stay in the mission field for long periods of time and see their ministries flourish throughout the years that passed. All their testimonies converge to a single truth - God is actively at work in the lives of people who responds in complete faith to His call.

They saw the Mighty hand of God and they could not contain in their hearts the joy it has brought to their lives, In this blog site, you’ll read the exciting God Sighting stories shared from the hearts of missionaries who truly encountered our living God in the mission field.



Posted by on 08/24/2018

A group of ITeams missionary women walk long distances every time they go to their mission field in Indonesia. Due to this tiring routine, they eventually realized that they have unlimited resources in heaven and all they need to do is ask! Without any doubt and believing that God is their Great Provider, they simply asked for two specific things — a house with a garage... and a car.

As they try to find a house, someone offered them a very affordable one, but there was no garage! If you’re someone with a very limited budget, you would grab the opportunity of what will only cost you little. But they remembered their request to the Lord and remained confident that they will be given a big favor. They believed that they need a garage for the car that the Lord will also give them. “Lord, we want a house with a garage!” They kept praying and praying until they found what they have been looking for… a house with a garage!

In the place where they serve as missionaries, they met an Indonesian businesswoman, and they became friends. Her family owns a car shop. That woman has been noticing the missionaries walking a long way to just serve in their area. Not only is she is blessed in terms of wealth. God also used her to become more than that — a blessing to the servants of God! What happened next is something that the missionary women already expected! The businesswoman approached them and handed a key to a car saying, “The Lord wants to give you this car. He doesn’t want you to walk long distances anymore.” The women felt so inexplicably amazed knowing that the Lord gave them the desires of their heart! Then the woman asked, “Do you have a place where you can park your car?” With a big smile on their faces, they answered, “Yes! We’ve already prepared for it!”

” … for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” Matthew 6:8

(Written by: Catherine Cubinar)

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