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Her faithfulness to God's calling led to blessings for the impoverished kids of Bangkok.

Updated: Aug 23, 2022


As one of the IT missionaries in Thailand, Sister Cecille Hilario continues to do her mission in the place God has called her. Sis Cecille and another IT missionary, Sis Menchie started the ministry under one of the bridges in Bangkok where they teach the less fortunate kids living nearby. It was an after-school program for the kids there. They taught the kids some songs and English. However, since they had no budget, they couldn’t promise to give them snacks every time they met them.

They started from nothing, but they were determined to build a good relationship with the locals as a start of the ministry. The Lord sees their hearts and dedication to serve these kids, and He used some people to bless the work of their hands and sent more IT missionaries to help them. That’s when the team hosted the two young American short-term missionaries who came and also helped with the ministry they were doing under the bridge. After the short mission trip, the young missionaries spoke to their church and requested that the funds their church has for the vacation bible school program be sent to Thailand to help the ministry under the bridge. Sis Cecille and the team received $1000 as their first funding and they were amazed that God has used the children to also bless the children's ministry under the bridge.

Then one Sunday morning, as Sis Cecille attended the worship service, she received a prophetic message from one of the guests. The lady spoke, “People from different nations will come to help you with the ministry”. Shortly, it happened! Missionaries from different nations came to Thailand for short-term mission trips. The team hosted missionaries from Canada, Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines. The team received a lot of help and support from missionaries who came to Thailand. The Filipino Church was also a great help and very supportive of the ministry the team was doing in Thailand.

As the ministry grew, they were able to find a small center where they could teach underprivileged kids. Then later, they moved to a three-story building. Lastly, the Lord blessed them a lot, and they were able to move to a four-story building as the ministry progressed. They were able to expand and open the adult ministries in the new center. God also sent more people to help them and the team got bigger. More and more IT missionaries came and helped with God’s work. A new Filipino church was also established under the leadership of Pastor Gerry and his wife Jane, both IT missionaries.

Sis Cecille also saw how the Lord provided for her personal needs. The moment Sis Cecille and the other Filipino missionaries needed some cash, the principal of one of the schools in Thailand would ask them to sub the classes and pay them right away. God used her to give Sis Cecille an instant income as a substitute teacher. It was perfect timing, especially when Sis Cecille needed the money. She subbed for a month because of the experimental teaching set up and she was offered a job to continue teaching. However, as Sis Cecille pray for God’s guidance, it seemed that it wasn’t the right time for her to take the job.

Then three years later, she got the same offer from that school. It was the year 2010 when Sis Cecille also felt tired of doing the visa run every three or six months, so she asked God earnestly about having a more secured visa. It was another perfect timing, and God affirmed to her that it was time for her to accept the job offer. Sis Cecille needed a work permit and a visa so she could stay longer in Thailand. She accepted the job offer and she saw God’s favor as she started working in the school. In addition, she was given a high salary. Despite being new to the school, she has the same rate as the senior teachers, for she received an increase three times within a year. It was indeed God’s favor upon her, for an increase is only possible after two years which is stated in her contract. But God made it possible for Sis Cecille within a year.

Everything was working out well for Sis Cecille, and she was thankful that the location of the school she was teaching is near the English Center they have started. Also, Sis Cecille and the other IT missionaries continue helping at the Filipino church. Furthermore, they helped some of their friends who were ministering to one of the tribes located at the border of Thailand and Burma. Every so often, the IT missionaries and the Samphat Chiiwit Church, which was planted by the IT missionaries, would visit there and give some gifts to the tribal children. Sis Cecille’s life in Thailand for 24 years was a life filled with joy in serving the Lord and the people around her.

Sis Cecille returned to the Philippines after her mission in Thailand. But she would never forget every single moment she had when she was in Bangkok, Thailand. Those times were filled with God’s miracles which strengthened her faith. The Lord enriched her life with experiences and by showing His love and faithfulness. She learned not to fear in times of lack, for the Lord has proven Himself good and faithful to His children. As Sis Cecille stays in the Philippines at the moment, she doesn’t know how her future will unfold, but she knows who holds her future and that alone gives her peace and faith that doesn't waver.

For we can always rely on God, the mighty God who created everything and knows everything! We can rest in His wisdom and guidance as we continue to obey Him! God is so glorious, and He is worthy of all praise!

Psalm 20:7

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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