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When man fails to deliver, God works His miracles to show everyone that He is the God who provides!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022


Because God has a plan for us, even bad news fits within His vision. Therefore, we do not need to fret over things; we just need to trust that He is doing what is best for us. God is just and compassionate. He is always there for His children who sacrifice for His glory. This is the continuation of Pastor Rony’s story of faith.

Pastor Rony Albaniel received word from God that he and his family will have to move to another country. After his long-term mission in Thailand, God told him to go to Japan next. Soon after settling all the matters in Thailand, he obeyed God with no delay.

As he and his family left for Japan, he was entirely dependent on God. He did not know how things were going to unfold in Japan with his family, but He knew who to trust. When he and his family embarked on this new journey, he made up his mind to seek the Lord first. Then God led him to a Japanese Church. He was in a full-time ministry in partnership with a Japanese Church. The church gave financial support, but because of the high cost of living, it wasn't enough to sustain the needs of his family. He prayed and asked for God's counsel. It seemed impossible for them to stay there longer with no stable job. But he did not lose hope for he knew that those who wait and put their trust in the Lord would renew their strengths like eagles and will soar high.

Soon after that, his wife was offered a job to be an English teacher. He saw God's favor upon his family, and how God provided for their needs. Pastor Rony focused on building God’s Kingdom in the city they were in. Their ministry grew, and the number of people who came to know Jesus increased in number.

Later on, a new instruction was given to him by God. He signed up for qualifying training to be an English teacher and got his teaching certificate. After a few years, they moved to another city as they are already Tentmakers; both Pastor Rony and his wife are now English teachers. As teachers, God is using their profession to reach out to more people. They saw how God blessed them in so many ways, especially in the studies of their children. Their children were able to continue their education even in a foreign country, and it just showed how God could do amazing things for His children who ventured to other countries for His glory.

Pastor Rony has this principle, “If God called you, He would provide for you. Never solicit and be just fully dependent on Him”. This is so true in his life. In his 19th year in the ministry, he witnessed how God moved and provided for him and his family. Pastor Rony saw how people’s lives have been transformed through the grace of Jesus Christ. His obedience played a major role in the restoration of the places where he was sent by God. Throughout the years, he experienced the great miracles of God and His provision. Pastor Rony’s trust and faith were strengthened as well. He learned to sacrifice and cry out to God when times are hard, and he saw that God is faithful and true to His children.

As an encouragement, he would like to challenge all Christians to go and do missions in countries as long-term missionaries. To be serious in seeking the Lord and become “career missionaries”; to go into a full-time career as full-time missionaries.

We are the light and the salt in this world. Therefore, go into the country that God has placed in your heart, and He will provide for everything. Pastor Rony has traveled around the world, and it was a privilege given to him by God as he obeyed. “For I expect great things from God, and I attempt great things from God”, Pastor Rony quoted. It was indeed God who made all things work together for good to His children who are willing to obey and serve Him for His glory!

John 14:12

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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