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Home for cancer patients almost closed down -- God didn't let it happen and provided bountifully!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022


A lot of us go through life asking God why? Why have we hurt the way we have in our lives? It is for the very reason that we don’t understand why we have been through our pain that we want to give up. Depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, addictions, or cancer. They affect us and we suddenly feel at a loss, and we want to just give up on life. We get mad at God and feel like He has failed us for allowing this to even come to fruition in the first place. But the greatest teachers in life come from those who know ruins you have not. These are the people who have something to teach you about life and what it means to bounce back from the brink. Those who have gone through what others haven’t been able to, in some sense, offer others a perspective that is needed, lessons, and advice that can mold others on their journeys. It may hurt, it may be unfair, and it may cause you to question everything you ever thought about God and what it means to have faith but consider that He is allowing your pain to be your platform. This is the continuation of Pastor Junie’s story. Pastor Junie’s pain produced a shelter for the sick children with no homes while they are getting their treatment in the capital city. On August 24, 2015, God answered their prayers to set up a halfway house. Pastor Junie and his wife knew in their hearts that God had called them to do this special mission. Pastor Junie remembered what he learned from Pastor Gani and it inspired him to do beyond what’s ordinary. He learned that God could do the extraordinary, you just need to answer God’s calling in your life. “You don’t have to worry about any resources when God calls you” Pastor Junie recalled. The house is named “Silungan ng Pag-Asa /Shelter of Hope” which is a home away from home. They started the shelter, but it was not easy at the beginning. It was such a huge responsibility for them to take care of the other families. After a few months, around October of 2015, the shelter was struggling financially. They were on the verge of closing it. “I couldn’t sustain it and I was planning on giving up the shelter by 2016”, he thought. “Lord, speak to me” Pastor Junie prayed to God as he earnestly sought Him to tell him what to do. As he attended a Leadership Conference in Mt. Makiling, God spoke to him “Be still and know that I am God” which is found in Psalm 46:10. On that day, God answered Pastor Junie’s prayer. God spoke to someone who became a faithful donor of the Shelter of Hope and committed to supporting the shelter for a year. Pastor Junie saw once more that once you made a step, there would be a provision. Pastor Junie keeps on holding to God’s word. Days passed by and there was an outpouring of blessings. Supporters from other countries and private businesses, churches, and groups of students started donating. It was utterly amazing how God made the impossible possible! For years, Pastor Junie and his family became a beacon of hope to those who are in need. The 'Silungan ng Pag-asa' is still operating now and it has helped hundreds of families already. Furthermore, it has been featured on huge TV stations and Radio stations (ABS CBN – ANC Dateline program last February 2019, DZMM Teleradyo last Jan. 2019), (GMA7 News TV – I Juander with Santa Claus, Unang Hirit Morning Show last May 4, 2020), (FEBC 702 DZAS – Ehemplo Program), (JIL Light TV – God’s Channel of Blessings – “Bless Pilipinas” program), (PCEC-TBN Asia – Evangelicals Today of “World Kindness Day” Month). People all over the world have witnessed God’s work and were drawn to help. God has sustained the shelter through huge companies who sent donations and different groups and individuals. Those companies are not even Christians, yet they were drawn to be a part of God’s work. God also rewarded Pastor Junie to travel to different parts of the earth and was given the opportunity to be one of the participants in the Global Leader Mundial Summit held in Rome, and Georgia, the USA for four consecutive years. He has met influential people as he continues to serve those who are in need and God used them to bless the Shelter of Hope. Pastor Junie never thought that this would happen in his life. He didn’t think he was qualified enough to be God’s ambassador. But we all know that God looks at the heart and Pastor Junie and his wife have hearts of gold, so God chose them to serve others. A lot of lives were touched and changed, and Pastor Junie would never forget the sick children whom he met and considered him to be their father at the end of their lives. It was sad to think that some of the kids had to say goodbye at an incredibly young age, but they were grateful for the love and care they have received from Pastor Junie and his family. Only God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. He is the only Almighty One and omnipotent, all-knowing God who can do great things to people who answer God's call. Truly God is in control and He has the best plan in our lives! It is remarkable how God provides for His children that even the non-believers are used by Him to bless His children. One thing is for sure, only can do such things and God is at work in the lives of those who trust Him! Psalm 92:4-5 "For thou, LORD, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands. LORD, how great are thy works! and thy thoughts are very deep."

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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