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His debit card has never been empty again after lifting it in prayer to God!


Missionaries often experience miracles as they embark on their journey of faith. They learned to fully trust the Lord and the doors of heaven would open and God would provide for them in ways no one could ever imagine, not just in their financial needs but also in His divine protection upon them which is beyond explanation.

Pastor Archie and his wife, Sister Kathy Manoto were long-term missionaries in Vietnam. There was a time when they went back to the Philippines and visited their family and friends. As they returned to Vietnam, they didn’t have enough money. Their bank account was empty because the budget they had for returning to Vietnam was spent when their daughter got sick. They had booked their flights already, but they lacked pocket money as they returned to Vietnam. They only had 200,000 Vietnamese Dong which is equivalent to 400 pesos in their wallet. Everyone knows that 400 pesos is not enough, thinking that every week they had to buy expensive milk for their child – the situation seemed very unfortunate.

Even though their situation may be hopeless, they kept their faith and trusted the One who has been faithful in their lives. It was Tuesday when Pastor Archie prayed. He was asking the Lord to provide for their needs that week. The Lord impressed in his heart, “Pray for your debit card”. “It sounded odd but that’s what the Lord said,” Pastor Archie commented. Therefore, he took out his debit card and he lifted it in prayer as he uttered “In the name of Jesus, you will never be empty again.” Then on Thursday, Sis Kathy told Pastor Archie to withdraw 1,000,000 Dong which is about $50. It was a very specific amount and upon hearing it, Pastor Archie was surprised because they both knew that they didn’t have any money left in their account. If there ever was, they would know because one of the IT staff usually informs them whenever there’s money remitted to their account. But there was none that week.

Pastor Archie remembered his prayer last Tuesday and took his debit card with him as he went out. He went to the nearest ATM and made a balance inquiry. He was surprised to see the figures on the screen and just to make sure he wasn’t mistaken; he counted the number of zeros because he couldn’t believe that there was money in it! He withdrew 1,000,000 Dong immediately and showed it to his wife when he reached home. Even now, they don’t know where that money came from. Since the time that Pastor Archie prayed that prayer, that account never became empty again by the grace and goodness of God.

Apart from that, they had experienced other miracles not just about provision but also about God’s protection. In Vietnam, the common mode of transportation is the motorcycle. Pastor Archie and his daughter had a motorcycle accident. In that case, he had 18 stitches on his left leg. Miraculously, his three-year-old daughter was not harmed at all and didn’t have any scratches or wounds. They didn’t know how it happened, but they believed it was God who protected their precious child!

What an amazing God we serve! He’s been with us in every step we take. When we are weary, He lets us rest. When we have needs, He provides for us. When we are in danger, He protects us. His love has no bounds! So let us praise Him for His marvelous wonders! We give praise to you, Lord because You are not slack in your promises toward Your children. You are awesome in every way, and we love You!

2 Peter 1:3

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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