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She was the very first single Asian lady who was given a top role in an international organization!!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


Often when God calls us, we give Him excuses that we are not enough, or maybe He chose the wrong person to do the work. We think we are not qualified, but as you read the Bible you would know that God uses flawed people and qualifies them. He doesn’t call the qualified, but He qualifies those whom He called.

Sister Millet Rodulfa was one of IT’s pioneering missionaries. She and her team had been serving in Indonesia for years and had helped in community development and some local people groups to improve their quality of life while they did their mission. As the livelihood projects entrusted to them by God became bigger, people were drawn to help them with their mission to serve the locals and to share God’s love and Word.

Sis Millet and her team became a part of an NGO which was run by both locals and foreigners. As time passed, Sister Millet was asked by the Canadian Team whether she could be the new team leader. She was overwhelmed by the offer. “Lord, this level is multicultural, would I be able to do it?” she asked the Lord whether she was up for this kind of responsibility. Since this was a huge responsibility, she had a week to pray about it. As she consulted God, He spoke to her, “If you don’t accept this task, to whom shall I give it?” Sis Millet decided to accept the task that was given to her by God. He constantly reminds her that He has chosen her. It gave her peace and comfort that it was God who appointed her in that position.

As the team leader, Sister Millet had to participate in the International Conference of that said organization along with the other team leaders. All team leaders were called in front and Sis Millet could see that they were all established family men and all professionals. She felt so small and started to doubt herself. She thought to herself, “I’m an Asian single woman who only finished a 2-year course. Lord, I am not qualified to be here”. She was already a team leader in her team but at that time, it was about choosing new team leaders for the entire organization, composed of different nationalities, for the approval of the council. After voting, Sister Millet was so surprised that she was chosen, and a lot of people congratulated her. She was the first woman team leader recognized by that organization. She was congratulated by many including men team leaders and was told "you are a history maker". A few years later even after she left Indonesia and resigned as a team leader, she still joined the conferences organized by that huge organization and was nicknamed by them “history maker”, which made a way for other single ladies to also rise and become leaders. Sister Millet never thought in her life that God would choose her, let alone make her lead people for His glory. “It was truly God’s story because He is the only one who could make it happen” quoted Sister Millet.

God’s blessing and favor in Sister Millet’s life didn’t end there. God used her to serve others and as a reward, she got to travel to different nations in the west, Europe, and Southeast Asia where she didn’t have to spend her own money. All of her traveling expenses have been paid by God through the people and organizations she has worked for.

“I would like to encourage everyone not to be afraid and to take a step of faith. My team and I just had a simple goal and that was to go on missions and share God’s love, but there was a huge breakthrough not only in ministering to others but also with our character and our trust in the Lord. We became brave and a better version of ourselves as we let God use us for His glory. It was truly a great joy to serve the Lord”, Sis Millet commented.

The Bible is clear that promotion does not come from man but God. God places us all through a process of maturing which in turn typically places us in an area to be promoted. Whether the promotion is in the form of a relationship, business, or personal opportunity, God will grant you wisdom and favor with others. There is no need to run over others or do anything extravagant to impress people. He will give you knowledge and wisdom for what you need and when you need it. You just have to submit to His will and plan and discern Holy Spirit-inspired shifts.

Psalm 75:6

“For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor the south. It is God who judges: He brings one down, He exalts another.”

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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