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They banned the name of the Lord yet she was still able to amazingly win her students to the faith!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022


IT staff Kathy Merencillo was called by God to go on missions in her early years in ITP. She was called by God through a platform as a teacher to reach out to others. She applied to one of the NGOs that was looking for English teachers to teach in Malaysia. After five months of teaching in Malaysia, she started to feel like nothing was happening in the ministry God called her. She was frustrated with her situation. There was no involvement, and she wasn't able to reach out to her students. Even before she left the Philippines, she brought with her some teaching materials about the Gospel and felt she couldn't use them at all. She started to doubt whether she was called by God to do missions in Malaysia. "Maybe this is not the place for me?" she thought to herself. During her quiet time with the Lord, she received a revelation from Him through His Word. As she opened her Bible, she saw these sentences, "Be still and know that I am God. I have my own time, and my time is always perfect". After reading those promises from God, Sis Kathy felt great comfort in her heart and an assurance that God will do something through her. So she rested on God's Word, to be still, and wait for His perfect timing. Then a few months later, some of her students visited her place to practice a dance for a school event. While taking a break from dancing, one of her students asked her whether she had some movies they could watch. Sis Kathy told her that she only had Filipino films so they wouldn't understand the language. Then the Holy Spirit whispered to her, "You have a DVD about Jesus." "Right!" Sister Kathy remembered. She couldn't tell how exactly she felt at that time. She was excited that the day she's been waiting for has finally come, but also a bit scared. By doing it, she might be in trouble and deported back to the Philippines. She sought prayers and sent messages to her friends and to the Global Intercessors to intercede for her. Sis Kathy had a Malaysian housemate at that time, so she became more hesitant to play the DVD tape about Jesus. She might get caught if she plays it. Therefore, Sis Kathy had just put the DVD tape on top of the DVD player first. A few moments later, her housemate arrived, and she noticed the DVD tape placed on top of the DVD player. "I've wanted to watch this. Why did you show it just now?" her housemate asked. "Yes, this is it!" Sister Kathy's heart was leaping out with joy. They all watched a film about Jesus together. After watching it, one of her students named John asked whether he could borrow it. Sis Kathy inquired whether he would be okay if he brought it home. John was insistent, so she let him borrow it. The following day, his entire family watched the film. Also, surprisingly, the tape was played again in their place of worship. There was an awakening of truth in the lives of all the local people in that community. Other communities saw the tape as well, and they started to know about Jesus. Meanwhile, Sis Kathy's housemate had a spiritual hunger to know more about Jesus after seeing the film. Sis Kathy had the privilege to share her faith with her and answered all her queries. She even desired to have her personal Bible. Another student of Sis Kathy, named Joseph, saw her children's Bible stories and borrowed them from her. He read the book cover to cover and started asking questions about Jesus. Sis Kathy explained everything to him, and it left an impression on Joseph. Another incident was that Rebekkah, one of Sis Kathy's students, would often have a stomach ache. Sis Kathy would pray for her and teach her about healing through Jesus Christ. Then when Rebekkah felt discomfort in her stomach, she learned to call on Jesus' name for healing. Sister Kathy has been planting seeds of faith in her housemate and students, and she could see how God moves. She praised God for what He's doing in the lives of the people around her. God is truly amazing in His ways, timing, and how He orchestrates everything and all we need to do is trust Him. Months had passed when Sis Kathy went back to the Philippines to have a vacation. As she went to a prayer mountain, God spoke to her, "Be with your family, and I will be with you, and I will surely bless you." Upon hearing that, her heart was uneasy. She was reluctant at first because she was thinking about God's work she has started in Malaysia. But God assured her that the Holy Spirit would continue her work. She planted the seeds of faith in their hearts, and the Holy Spirit will cultivate and grow their faith in Jesus. The supposed vacation became a permanent stay in the Philippines. She decided to cancel her flight back to Malaysia, and she started working in the IT Office. Nonetheless, she continues to pray for her students. Twelve years later, she received news from one of her students, Joseph. He got in touch with her after twelve years and told her that he remembered everything Sis Kathy has shared with him about Jesus. She reminded him that Jesus loves him and that she's always praying for him. Sis Kathy was ecstatic. She remembered what God had promised. "It is a sign that God is working behind the scenes. Also, that our labor in the Lord is not in vain, so don't be weary in doing God's work", Sister Kathy commented. Just like Sister Kathy's experience, after twelve years, her student knew about Jesus because she followed God's calling in her life. Also, God kept His promise, and at the right time, all of Sis Kathy's labor became fruitful. 1 Corinthians 15:58 Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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