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Denied to go on mission by his pastor yet he humbly submitted to him. God blessed him greatly!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022


Pastor Freddie Mayo joined International Teams Philippines in the year 2007. It all started when he attended an event of Gising Kabataan (Youth Awakening Movement) and Pastor Gani Sison, IT Executive Director, was one of the speakers. Pastor Gani spoke in front of thousands of young people, and he was inviting them to step out in faith and go on missions. Pastor Freddie felt so encouraged and the message of going on missions spoke right to his heart. At the end of the event, while Pastor Freddie was exiting the venue, he bumped into Pastor Gani and spoke with him briefly. They had a few exchanged words and Pastor Gani handed him a business card. After a few weeks, Pastor Freddie joined the Access Mission Training in Makati City. After the training, he decided to join the short-term mission trip to Bangkok, Thailand. His friends were so blessed by his faith to go to countries to do God’s work, so they expressed their willingness to support him financially. In February 2008, his plan of going to Thailand didn’t pan out. His friends started asking him why his trip was canceled. Pastor Freddie knew deep in his heart that God has His reasons, so he didn’t lose hope. A few months later, he received a phone call from Pastor Val Febrer, one of the IT missionaries and founder of Gising Kabataan. Pastor Val invited him to go to Malaysia and Pastor Freddie couldn’t contain his excitement. He started praying and fasting and he was constantly declaring it. Every time he sees something made in Malaysia, he would buy it, even a pen that’s made in Malaysia. It was his way of declaring that he was going to Malaysia. During that time his money was still not enough for him to book his ticket. “You’re going to serve me full-time in the mission field and not work,” said God as he prayed. He held on to God’s word that he was going and soon after that, he was able to raise the money needed for his airfare. He booked his ticket right away and was ready to go. He had a conversation with his pastors and asked for their blessing as he plans to go to Malaysia. However, one pastor spoke and said, “You should not go because it would just be a waste of money.” Pastor Freddie didn’t say anything and went up to the 2nd floor to pray in the prayer room. He opened his heart to God and prayed, “Lord, you know me, and you know what’s in my heart”. After praying, he decided to submit to his pastor even though it was difficult. He had three valid reasons why he should go but he chose to submit. First, he received a Word from God. Second, there was a provision, also his ticket was already booked. Third, the team going to Malaysia which he is a part of is already intact. As he spoke to his senior pastor, he uttered these words “Whatever your decision is, it will be my decision as well”. He humbled himself and he submitted to his leader, praying, and hoping that it would be a favorable one. The following day, he attended the Sunday worship service. He praised and worshipped God with all his heart. Then to his surprise, right after the service, his friends gave him money – coins, and bills totaling 5,000 pesos. The next day, he woke up early and prepared his heart for whatever decision his senior pastor would make. He hasn’t heard his senior pastor’s final decision yet, so he sought after him and he was hoping to get his blessing and permission. He was astonished that his senior pastor told him that he should go and he even offered to give him a ride to the airport. He packed his bags and was so excited that he could go! His smile was up to his ears, and his heart was full of joy. On his way to the airport, he praised God that he could go with the blessings of his senior pastor. He checked in and got on the plane for his flight. He was so overwhelmed and full of excitement as it was his first time being on a plane. The moment he arrived at the airport of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia he got on his knees and praised God. “Thank you, Lord!” with a heart full of gratitude he spoke those words without caring what others would think while kneeling on the floor at the airport. He stayed for a week in Malaysia, feeling so blessed as he participated in ministries and a revival concert. It was the fulfillment of his dreams and God’s promises in his life. What he learned from his experience was that God was testing his heart and whether he had the humility to submit to authority, and because of his submissive heart God blessed him so much more. He also knew it was only the beginning of his exciting journey with the Lord in the mission field. His heart is full of anticipation as he waits on the next instruction God has for him. More exciting things happened in Pastor Freddie’s life, and he has been to different countries, and he has returned to Malaysia several times. This is just the start of his amazing journey with the Lord and more things will unravel as the story continues. 1 Peter 5:5 Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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