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He missed the bus going to Italy, got lost then an "angel" showed up to guide him.

Updated: Jul 27, 2022


Pastor Elino Oracion Jr. also known as Pastor Jun has been in the ministry of serving God for several years. He remembered the times when he was at the lowest point of his life and he was very much discouraged. However, being the lead pastor of his congregation, he tried not to look troubled in front of his family and friends. He wondered why he was in such a slump, only to find out that his breakthrough is just right around the corner. Then one morning after praying, he received a call that made the way to the greatest change in his life. His best friend called him, “God told me to invite you to join the Access 1 Training of ITP”. International Teams Philippines is a mission-sending organization. Pastor Jun had no idea at first what IT was, but he didn't decline the invitation. During the training, his heart was deeply moved by God when he heard the preaching of Pastor Gani Sison, IT's Executive Director. The message he heard was so different and it stirred something in his heart. Pastor Jun's friend told him that IT could be the way for him to go back to Italy, where he pioneered a church in 2012. Back then, Pastor Jun tried to return to Italy to continue the ministry, but he got denied twice. Therefore, he stopped trying after that. Now that he was introduced to IT, he thought IT could be the way for him to go back to Italy. But later on, he realized that there was so much more than just returning to Italy. He became very committed to serving God wherever He may lead him. A few months later, Pastor Jun took the biggest step of faith and signed up for IT’s Europe Conference. He applied for his visa and this time he got it successfully! He couldn’t believe it because in the past he was denied it twice. But God’s favor and blessing were upon him that the least expected thing in his life happened in God’s perfect time. Pastor Jun attended the Europe conference and it was such a wonderful experience for him. He was so blessed with everything he had learned from the conference. After the conference, he and the other Filipino participants had their separate itineraries. When Pastor Jun reached the bus station, he was nine minutes late. Therefore, he missed the bus going to Italy. He found out that the bus going to Italy had only one trip each day. He tried to seek information from the other people at the station, but it was difficult, for most people only spoke German so they couldn't understand him when he spoke in English. Then later, he managed to ask someone who could speak English and he was told he had to book it online and to pay for his bus ticket again. However, he didn't have mobile internet data nor Wi-Fi so he couldn't book his ticket. He didn't know what to do and he was really in a tough situation. He didn't have a sim card; no internet connection and he had no money to book a hotel even just for one night. He continued to seek other alternatives on how to get to Italy. One option was presented to him by the bus company employee and that is to take the train to Italy. He was advised to go to the train station, so he went and bought a ticket to go to the Central Station. He had to go to the Central Station to try his luck to get on a train to Italy. As he hopped onto the train, a young German guy was in front of him. He wanted to make sure that he wouldn't make the wrong move, so he asked the young man, "Is this train going to the Central Station?". Luckily, the young man understood and could speak English. The young man told him that it would be a lot cheaper to take the plane than take the train to Italy. He also suggested accompanying Pastor Jun to the airport and said, "I will help you. I will not leave you until you get there safely". He helped Pastor Jun in booking his ticket and waited with him until his flight. He bid goodbye to the young man and flew to Italy. He tried to contact him when he arrived in Italy to tell him thanks and to let him know that he arrived safely, though he couldn’t reach the number the young man gave him. Pastor Jun was still amazed at how a total stranger was so concerned about him, who didn’t leave him until he got on his flight securely. He believed that it was all God's doing. He was led to the right path and God brought His angel so he could fulfill God's task for him in Italy. During his time in Italy, he was able to attend the anniversary of the church they pioneered in 2012. The church ministry has been established and there was an amazing breakthrough in the lives of the people, and many were healed. People were led to Christ and it was truly a memorable trip for him. After almost a month in Italy, he was able to finish the task God gave him, and there was a sense of fulfillment as he left the place. He finally accomplished the mission that was given to him in 2012. He also received good news last year that one of the people who was healed and found his new faith in God became a full-fledged Christian and has been serving in the church there in Italy. Only our God can do these amazing things in His perfect time and all we need to do is to move when he tells us to move. We don't have to worry about how we will get to our destination because one thing is for sure, God will command his angels to guide us so we won't be lost and could fulfill the purpose God has for our lives, so we would be victorious in Christ. Amazing is our God who rules the universe but cares about every detail of our lives! 1 Corinthians 15:57 But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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