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He decided to continue his brother's legacy who passed away by surrendering his life to God.

Updated: Aug 23, 2022


Pastor Glenzon Andal is a family man and one of the IT missionaries in Thailand. His faith in God started when his older brother, who was a man of faith, passed away. During his brother’s funeral service, Pastor Glenzon surrendered and accepted Jesus Christ in his life. His brother had always been inviting him to go to church, but now that he’s gone Pastor Glenzon declared “I will continue your legacy” as he thinks of his brother. However, it took him to attend a few churches before he could finally settle in one church due to the complexity of his work schedule. He later found a church, the Agape Family Center Philippines, that fits his schedule and is near his workplace. And that’s where he spiritually grew under the care of his Senior Pastor Rommel Guevara.

He’s been working in a secular job for 10 years, and there came a time when he was not happy anymore. He knew in his heart that God had called him to go on missions. His heart was slowly aligning with God’s will in his life. Then one of the elders in the church of AFC, Brother Jhojo Pascua invited him to attend the Access 1 Training of International Teams Philippines, a mission-sending organization. He took a leave from work for three days to attend the training and despite not having money for the registration his heart was set on joining. That’s when Pastor Glenzon saw God’s first miracle in his life. Someone paid for his registration, so he was able to attend the training. He was excited about everything that he had heard during the training. Pastor Glenzon admitted that at first, he was excited about going to other countries to work. However, the Lord put a deeper sense of responsibility and burden in his heart later as he plans to join the cross-cultural exposure trip to Malaysia.

Pastor Glenzon didn’t have any money to go to Malaysia. He didn’t know how he could go but he believed that God would make a way if it is His will. As the departure date was approaching, another miracle happened. Someone paid for all of his expenses to go to Malaysia. Pastor Glenzon was extremely grateful to the Lord and was very excited to go to Malaysia for the exposure trip. He saw that God wanted him to go as He provided for his needs.

On February 3, 2017, he went to Malaysia and stayed for ten days there. He had a wonderful experience, and his heart was on fire to share the Word of God. He received an instruction from God that his first mission is his family. After returning to the Philippines, he started to minister to his family. For a week, he has been spending time with his family and telling them about the love of Jesus. But it wasn’t easy. He faced persecution from his family because they had different beliefs. On top of that, his older brother was mocking him in his newfound faith. But Jesus can turn cold hearts and Pastor Glenzon’s brother became a Christian later on. After doing the task God had given him, Pastor Glenzon was ready to do more for the Lord.

This is just the beginning of God’s miracles in Pastor Glenzon’s life. To God, no matter whether a person is great or insignificant, as long as they listen to Him and obey His instructions, He would use them mightily. He’s looking for people who are willing to cooperate with His work, His will, and His plan so that His will and His plan can be accomplished smoothly. God treasures such people, and He cherishes their actions and their love and affection for Him. How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! Everything He does reveals His glory and majesty and His righteousness never fails!

Psalm 145:18

The LORD is near to all them that call on him, to all that call on him in truth.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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