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He almost gave up becoming a missionary because he had no money.


It all started with a dream to help his family be free from poverty. Brother Willy Angeles, one of the IT staff, had hoped to go overseas to fulfill his responsibilities to his family. Before God led him to International Teams Philippines, Brother Willy was overwhelmed by what was going on with his life. His business went under, he couldn’t get a stable job and he couldn’t seem to find his passion. He also owed a lot of money to people when his business bellied up. The cycle of poverty lasted for four years, and it felt like it won’t end any time soon. However, God has better plans for him, and he was about to know who God is in his life.

Brother Willy's friend told him about the Access Training program for aspiring IT missionaries to be held in Davao and that he should attend because it might grant him the possibility of going abroad so he can help his family. A month before that, he prepared for the expenses of the said training. Because of his family's financial status, he couldn’t help but spend the money he had saved. He realized that he used up all the money he had saved up and he only had a day left before the Access Training. Brother Willy trusted God and prayed “If it is your will for me to be a part of this Access Training, I know you will provide what I’m lacking”. The training starts at 9 a.m. the next day. It was seven o’clock, but he still didn’t even have his fare to go to the venue. Again, he prayed for God’s will in his life. Around 8 o’clock, he’s got the money to at least go to the venue. Then, he found his way to the venue. He was late so he quietly sat at the back, but he still didn’t have the money for the registration fee or the money to buy food. He was surprised he got free food and some snacks to fill his stomach on that day. It was the end of the first day of training, and he was very anxious that he still couldn’t pay the registration fee. The training isn’t over yet, and he must go back if he wants to finish the entire training. But his dilemma is that he couldn’t pay for it. His parents are farmers, and they also couldn’t give the amount of money he needed at that time.

Where can he get that amount in such a limited time? But as we believe that God is our Lord and Savior, we just have to trust that His plans are greater than our plans.

The next day, he prayed again while he was sitting outside of the church he was volunteering as an associate pastor. “I might not be able to attend the training but if it is your will Lord, You will provide,” said Brother Willy to God. He didn’t tell anyone but only God about his concerns. A few minutes later, the lead pastor of their church approached him and asked, “Aren’t you going?” He responded, “I’m already late, so I won’t go”. It was an excuse he made because he didn’t want others to know that he had no money. She went in and came back and handed him the money which could cover his registration fee and fare. He couldn’t believe it because it happened so quickly, and nobody knew how much he needed but God. He didn’t make it known to others, but God knows! It was the start of something amazing in Brother Willy’s life.

Something extraordinary is about to happen as he continues to seek the will of God in His life.

How amazing God is! As we wait patiently for His will in our lives - He is faithful! He is the God who hears and answers our prayers! Brother Willy finished the Access Training Program with so much gratitude towards God because of His provision. He gained the confidence to believe more. Furthermore, he’s looking forward to seeing more of His miracles and will in his life! He learned as he prays and be still, God will always respond to him.

Prayer is the habit of attention. Be still and know. The first step in prayer is to acknowledge or to “know” that God is God. And in that attention, that focus, all else comes into focus. Prayer allows us to admit our failures, weaknesses, and limitations to the One who responds to human vulnerability with infinite mercy.

Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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