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Our beginnings… We begin our mission blog with a compilation of stories of our early years as a mission organization. These stories molded us into who we are now as a mission organization. All stories were God focused and actual experiences of our pioneering missionaries on the field. They were firsthand narratives describing how each Filipino missionaries witnessed the mighty works of our living God in full display. They saw and tasted the miracles of God in response to their prayers which provided for their needs. They were supernaturally brought to situations that were beyond comprehension and given amazing opportunities to minister to the lost and needy people of each nation. The stories will best explain how our poor missionaries were able to sustain their stay in the mission field for long periods of time and see their ministries flourish throughout the years that passed. All their testimonies converge to a single truth - God is actively at work in the lives of people who responds in complete faith to His call.

They saw the Mighty hand of God and they could not contain in their hearts the joy it has brought to their lives, In this blog site, you’ll read the exciting God Sighting stories shared from the hearts of missionaries who truly encountered our living God in the mission field.


Good Morning Today!

Posted by on 08/01/2014 (Story happened Year 2000)

Good morning today!” This was the way Bro. Lito would phrase his greeting. “I don’t speak good English. I had no use for it since my work involved manual labor. I paint and fix bent body parts of cars. But all that changed when I went to China.”

Bro. Lito felt the Lord calling him to serve as a missionary to China. Then one day at a conference in Cuneta Astrodome he heard a message on missions that set his heart on fire. The speaker, Ptr Gani Sison of International Teams, challenged everybody to respond to the call of God to bring the gospel to all the nations. He knew in his heart that God was speaking to him and that he must act right away. So, he decided to go to where the speaker was before the end of his message so he could talk to him before he leaves the arena. But he and his wife were on the Upper level and were not allowed to go to the stage area. So, he missed out on the opportunity to talk to someone who possibly could help him out. He had difficulty understanding why the Lord did not allow it to happen. His heart was set on fire, but he does not know what to do with it.

A month passed, then to his surprise he saw Ptr Gani again in another missions conference at the Teachers Camp in Baguio City. This time he was determined to not allow anything to prevent him from meeting him. Right after Ptr Gani’s message, Lito saw him heading for the toilet. So, he headed straight to it and then blocked Ptr Gani from leaving saying “my heart is on fire, you have to help me go to China!” Ptr Gani, encouraged with the determination that he saw, adviced Lito to go to their Manila office for his mission training.

Normally, there would have been no way for him to go and stay in China. He doesn’t have the money to pay for his mission trip. However, Lito believed that the Lord who called him would make a way for him to get there. True enough, soon thereafter, he saw himself with his wife, Amy applying for mission work in International Teams. It did not take long, Lito and Amy were able to set foot on their promised land. It was truly a miracle!

Once in China, the couple realized that it was imperative for them to learn Mandarin if they were to survive and stay longer in the place. At the same time, they observed that a growing number of university students were being led to the faith through the English teaching ministry of the other missionaries. They knew right away, in their hearts, that they needed to learn English as well. They realized that not only do they need to learn Mandarin to survive, but they also needed to learn English to be able to win souls. So, they decided to ask God for another miracle. They had to learn both languages! “Give us Lord the ability to learn both languages at the same time!” It was a huge request from an ordinary car repair man and a simple housewife. They dared to make such a bold request for they valued so much the souls of the Chinese people. They could not afford to wait much longer.

So armed with determination and convinced of God’s enabling grace, they enrolled in a language school to learn Mandarin and at the same time bought English books to read at night to learn English. They attempted the unimaginable… and achieved the impossible!

God honored their faith.

In no time at all, they became proficient in Mandarin and in English and were able to effectively reach out to the Chinese people. They also established an English school in partnership with a Christian Chinese Church where they now serve as English teachers.

Truly … nothing is impossible with GOD! (Luke 1:37)

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