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Read and be blessed by God sighting stories and powerful testimonies of the Lord's mighty acts in our times. Marvel at the miracles and the faithfulness of God displayed to His people! Stories shared were intended to remind us all that our God is a miracle working God. He has not changed at all. He still provides supernaturally in times of our great need. He can still miraculously heal those who are severely sick and suffering. He still powerfully saves those who trust Him even from the threat of death and destruction. He is and will always be the Lord Almighty capable of doing the impossible for those whose hope is in Him. He is the only Savior of mankind. The only refuge and sure salvation for those who trust Him. HE IS THE LORD! A library of these amazing stories are available at this Mission Blog and can be accessed by directly clicking on the God Sighting Stories Library button. A new story is also posted once a week at our Facebook page : International Teams Philippines Read on and be blessed, be inspired and be touched in a very special way.

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