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God sent her a man of faith who became her spouse and partner in the ministry.


Matthew 6:33 is a verse that is attested to be true in the life of one of the IT missionaries, Sister Lyn Casaclang. She has been joyously serving the Lord as a missionary and she couldn’t ask for anything more. As she pursues God, the thought of marriage wasn’t her priority anymore even though she was at the age of being wed. True to what God has promised, that as we seek Him, all the things shall be added unto us. God sent her a man of faith who became her spouse and partner in the ministry. Sis Lyn was so grateful to God for the unexpected blessing she received, and she enjoys her marriage. “Being married is truly a great blessing” Sis Lyn added.

God had matched her with a man who also pursues Him. When her husband received God’s calling, he surrendered everything and followed Him. He gave up the possessions he had, including his job, car, and house. But the Lord is their provider and source, therefore the couple is living by faith and not by sight. As newlyweds, they received an SUV as a wedding gift from one of their supporters. The blessings didn't end there. God knew the desires of Sis Lyn’s heart and He allowed her to study in the US. She took up the Bachelor of Biblical Studies and graduated Summa Cum Laude from her class! Hallelujah! How amazing God is in Sis Lyn’s life!

The couple's ministry is to help the refugees. As they continue to do their mission, some of the elderly supporters they have in America passed away. With the lack of funding, some people urged them to work so they could sustain the ministry although there are still some people who are faithfully supporting them. As she prayed about it, she asked for a part-time job that won’t affect her schedule in her after-school tutorial with the refugee kids. She was offered a part-time job which didn’t hinder her from doing the ministry. But she wanted to make sure and inquired the Lord if it is His will. “It was hard to decide on your own will just because you saw that there’s a need” she commented. As she prayed in tears, the Lord reminded her of Matthew chapter 6 about the lilies in the field and the birds that are fed by Him for He is faithful to provide for their needs, how much more to His faithful daughter who serves Him.

Sis Lyn is a caregiver to a 97-year-old Christian woman, and she enjoys spending time with her in devotion and prayer. She spends five hours a day with her. Then, one day as she looked out of the window, there was a bird feeder and she saw the birds eating from it. The Lord spoke to her heart “I’m feeding the birds, but I am touching the hearts of people to give them overflowing blessings because of my love for them”. That’s when Sis Lyn realized that her part-time job is an extra reward from the Lord. God is indeed the One who looks after His faithful servants, but He also uses special people to bless them abundantly. In addition, Sis Lyn is fully trusted by the children of her employer, and she is considered a part of their family, too! Sis Lyn is truly grateful to the Lord not only for the material blessings she received but to the people she has the opportunity to serve and take care of.

Even despite the pandemic, Sis Lyn knows that the Lord is her source and that she’s safe. “The safest place is when you are at the center of God’s will” she added. There are lots of hurricanes, tornadoes, fire accidents, and other calamities happening in America, but she and her husband are safe under God's protection. When the pandemic strikes, she saw people panicking and grabbing almost everything at the supermarket while she only had a few grocery items in her hands. She prayed “Lord thank you for providing what I need and not what I want”. Until now, the Lord is faithful, and Sis Lyn continues to hold unto God’s promise that as she seeks Him first, all these things shall be added unto her.

“We should not be afraid, for it has been foretold in the Bible that we are in the last days. We have to do what the Lord asks us to do and wherever we are, we need to have faith. Surrender all your fears, anxieties, and doubts to God. He will give you the perfect peace in your heart. Therefore, don’t look at the trials as stumbling blocks but instead as stepping stones to go to the next level of faith. Focus on God.” Sis Lyn commented.

Thank You, Father. We praise Your Name because of Your great and abundant stability and faithfulness in our lives; for they are new every morning!

Matthew 6:33

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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