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God said she's going to Europe... with 10,000 pesos she was able to visit six countries in a month!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022


Sister Lovely Sol Emelo lived a simple life as a missionary. She was drawn to God and to doing missions through her husband who is also a missionary. They were blessed with two kids and lived a simple yet very fulfilled life. They are very passionate about doing missions all over the Philippines and God has blessed them abundantly. God saw her faithful heart and wanted her to do more for the advancement of His Kingdom. In 2018, Sis Lovely attended IT’s Access Mission 1 Training in Tagaytay. At first, she was reluctant to join and thought “Lord, there are so many things to be done here in the Philippines, so why to go to other countries?” She tried to find some excuses not to join but her husband urged her to give it a try, so she did. A few days later after her Access 1 Training, she was scheduled right away to go to Malaysia for her Access 2 Training. What she experienced in Malaysia was entirely different from the ones she had undergone in the Philippines. She also learned that there’s still more to uncover in her being a believer as she learned more about God and missions. From then on, she has traveled to Cambodia, Thailand, and other Asian countries. “It was truly amazing” she commented. She received God’s provision and favor while she travels; from free meals to free accommodation and monetary gifts when she least expected it. There were times when the purpose of her travel was to just have fun and enjoy the scenery and new culture, but God always had something for her to do. She would meet some people along the way who have problems and she would pray for them and share the love of Jesus. It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience for her as she goes on international mission trips. After her amazing trip, she went back to the Philippines, and she was waiting and praying for God’s next instruction. “Where are you going to send me next, Lord?” she asked. It was one sunny day, while she was watching TV in her living room when God spoke to her. There was a cool breeze and she heard in her heart God’s words “My child, you are going to Europe”. With that idea in mind, she went to the IT office the following day to sign her contract to be officially an IT missionary. While she was there, she inquired whether she could be a part of the ‘Bless Europe’ program so she could go to Europe. One of the office staff explained to her that she can’t join since she is a newly appointed missionary and that the IT office prioritizes those who are IT missionaries for years. Sister Lovely didn’t lose hope. “But the Lord said I could go” she kept declaring it and told her friend, Odette, about what God told her. “The other missionaries couldn’t go if I can’t go” Sister Lovely insisted. Her friend Odette was starting to get annoyed with her constant declaration because it sounded ridiculous. Then one day, Pastor Gani Sison, IT Executive Director, posted on Facebook about lacking one member to complete the group of the ‘Bless Europe’ program. Sis Lovely wrote her name on Pastor Gani’s post so she could be considered to go. The next day, Pastor Gani called her. She felt nervous but she kind of had an idea as to why Pastor Gani called. “Do you want to go to Europe?” Pastor Gani asked. “Yes!” Sis Lovely was extremely happy and praised God for what just happened. She couldn’t contain her joy because God showed His great favor and what He said came to pass! Now that she’s permitted to go, all she had to think about is her airfare and pocket money to Europe. She was surprised that money kept coming in through her work and the few investments she had. When she had the money, she booked her airfare right away. However, she didn’t have any extra money to bring on this trip. Adding to her dilemma were her relatives who were discouraging her to go and questioning her capability to acquire a visa and go to Europe. But Sister Lovely was anchored to her faith “I trust you, Lord”, she spoke confidently. She remembered God’s promises that He will make a way when there seems to be no way and that He is in control and will be on time. “I will surely go even if I don’t have the money” Sister Lovely made up her mind. Because of her kind and generous heart, the "seed money" she invested in others got doubled. She received 10,000 pesos and she was glad that she would have some pocket money to bring with her. Little did she know that the transportation alone in going to places in Europe would cost her more than that. But she had peace inside her heart for she believed that the Lord will be with her during her entire trip. And it did not take long, she was on the air with her excited IT teammates bound for Europe! When she was in Europe, God provided for her needs. She tasted her first miraculous provisions in Europe when she met the ‘man and woman of peace’ who hosted her and some of the IT missionaries who were with her. The realization came that she didn’t have to worry about the accommodation and food. The man and woman of peace even brought Sis Lovely and the other missionaries shopping! They were showered with God’s favor during their trip, and it was truly remarkable. Sister Lovely and the other missionaries prayed for every person they encountered in Europe and shared God’s Word and God’s love. “We may not be rich in material things, but we are rich in our God” she commented. “Other people thought that all there is to life is money, but it isn’t. They need God and prayers” she added. At that time, Sister Lovely didn’t bring anything, not even her credit card because God spoke to her and said that all she needed is God on this trip and that’s a hundred percent true. She has visited Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Albania, Belgium, and Holland with God by her side and didn’t have to worry about where to eat or sleep because God has prepared everything the moment she obeyed Him. Sister Lovely had the greatest experience of her life and a testimony to share with others that all you need is God. Through our lack, God can show His great abundance and His Name is lifted high! Imagine going to Europe with 10,000 pesos for almost a month visiting six different countries. When you are with God, you don’t have to imagine but believe what He can do in your life. We ask for the possible, and He delivers the impossible. We beg for just the logical, and He provides the supernatural. God doesn’t give as we expect. He gives far more and in a profoundly different way than makes sense to us. Let’s sing praise to God who reigns above, the God of all creation, the God of power, the God of love, and the God of our salvation! Glory to God the Highest! Psalm 16:5 You, Lord, are all I have, and you give me all I need; my future is in your hands.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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