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God’s plan will take us in directions we never would have imagined. . . all we have to do is praise!


God is at work within His creation. He has a plan for His creation and is working it out. It means that nothing that happens is apart from God’s ultimate purpose. We have to believe this truth and we won’t be dismayed when we obey what He has told us because He will always be with us to guide us and protect us.

Pastor Mary Ann Sabinay is one of the IT missionaries and her experience when she was in South Korea was quite remarkable. When she started embarking on mission trips, she held onto God’s promise in Exodus 33:14 that the Lord will be with her. As she started this journey of faith, she really had no money and she was really walking by faith. She was looking at what God can do in her life instead of her own strength and her own financial status. “I believe that God can do more in my life as long as I obey Him” Pastor Mary Ann commented.

When she went to South Korea for the conference, she and the other IT missionaries initially thought they had a place to stay. However, when they arrived in Korea, there was a misunderstanding and they found out that they had no place to stay. Imagine being in a foreign land and having not enough money and her other companion was one pregnant woman and an elderly. It would be very unpleasant to stay the night out in the streets. But Pastor Mary Ann believed that God is with them and that He will provide for them. They roamed around first and took some pictures. While enjoying the scenery, they met a group of Korean pastors who invited them and let them stay in a Korean sauna called ‘jimjilbang’. Therefore, they had a place to sleep and had meals for free. Pastor Mary Ann and her friends were so thankful to God for providing for their needs. They praised the Lord greatly for using the Korean pastors they met so they won’t be out in the streets that evening. The following day, that’s when they headed for Busan for the Korean World Mission Conference. They bid goodbye and extended their gratitude to the people who let them stay in that place. Their hearts were filled with joy when they arrived in Busan because of God’s miracle for them.

During the lunch break of the conference, Pastor Mary Ann was last to go to the cafeteria because she was exploring the venue. She was looking for the cafeteria, so she asked the Korean man she saw. He held her by the hand and guided her to the dining place. He invited her to sit with him and his group. The people at that table were from different countries, some were from Thailand and the rest were Korean. Pastor Mary Ann was the only Filipino at that table, and they were talking about the Filipinos who slept in a Korean sauna. Pastor Mary Ann found out that the man who invited her to their table is Pastor Jang. He is also one of the directors of the Korean World Mission and he was the one who paid for their stay at the jimjilbang and their food. The Korean pastors who helped Pastor Mary Ann belong to the same church as Pastor Jang. He received a phone call from them and told them to buy food for Pastor Mary Ann and her friends and to find a place for them to stay for the night. Therefore, Pastor Jang jokingly said, “You owe me one”. Pastor Mary Ann was nervous at first because she knew she didn’t have the money to repay him. Then, after lunch, Pastor Jang asked Pastor Mary Ann’s aid and the other IT missionaries to help them in one of their ministries in packing and distributing food for orphans and less fortunate people. Pastor Mary Ann and the other missionaries gladly helped Pastor Jang. She was so grateful to have extended help to those who were brought into her life. She was also blessed by the conference and learned a lot from it.

It was the last day of the conference, so Pastor Mary Ann and the rest were planning to return to Seoul. Pastor Jang saw her and asked, “How much is your money?” To which she answered, “I only have around 5,000 pesos left”. If she had used her money for transportation before she wouldn't have had enough money for food. Once again, the Lord provided for Pastor Mary Ann’s needs through Pastor Jang. He provided two buses for her and the other missionaries so that they won’t have to spend their money on transportation. Indeed, God is so amazing and before we even ask for it, He knows our needs!

The story doesn’t end here. More of God’s miracles in Pastor Mary Ann’s life would be revealed as she continues to put her trust in the Lord and hang onto His promises. Let us continue to give praise to the God who has granted us eternal blessings and made us glad about the joy of His presence in our lives!

When we choose to praise God instead of bemoaning or negotiating God’s will for our lives, we acknowledge our humanness and God’s wisdom. We acknowledge our dependence on the One who created us and knows us better than we know ourselves. We humbly allow God to work in our lives in the way that only God knows is best. In my own journey, God has demonstrated this again and again. God’s plan will take us in directions we never would have imagined . . . all we have to do is praise!

Exodus 33:14

The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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