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Our beginnings… We begin our mission blog with a compilation of stories of our early years as a mission organization. These stories molded us into who we are now as a mission organization. All stories were God focused and actual experiences of our pioneering missionaries on the field. They were firsthand narratives describing how each Filipino missionaries witnessed the mighty works of our living God in full display. They saw and tasted the miracles of God in response to their prayers which provided for their needs. They were supernaturally brought to situations that were beyond comprehension and given amazing opportunities to minister to the lost and needy people of each nation. The stories will best explain how our poor missionaries were able to sustain their stay in the mission field for long periods of time and see their ministries flourish throughout the years that passed. All their testimonies converge to a single truth - God is actively at work in the lives of people who responds in complete faith to His call.

They saw the Mighty hand of God and they could not contain in their hearts the joy it has brought to their lives, In this blog site, you’ll read the exciting God Sighting stories shared from the hearts of missionaries who truly encountered our living God in the mission field.


God’s Business Plan

Posted by on 08/24/2018 (Story happened Year 2010)

Several years ago, a group of ITeams missionaries went to China for their long-term mission work. They were facing a major challenge though. The funds that they were able to raise will not be enough to cover all the food and accommodation expenses, so they kept praying to God for a great provision.

Prior to leaving Philippines, Pastor Gani received a recommendation from ITeams USA to have the group meet an American missionary couple in China — and who’s thinking of accommodating them! Imagine the joy of knowing that the God they serve has already sorted their worries out before they even think about the problem! What an awesome divine intervention!

When they finally met the American couple, they saw that they were living in a large building inside a plush subdivision. And to their surprise they were offered a room each to use. They have tasted and seen the goodness of the Lord! But in every mission, there are battles that need to be fought and overcome. The group had experienced failures and short comings along the way, which the couple complained about. Eventually, they all parted ways after a year of working in missions together.

Ten years later, the team leaders Jodie and Lena received an unexpected call from the American couple, and they were asked if they could meet. They visited the couple and found out that they were struggling with major health issues and that they have decided to go back to the U.S. and stay there for good. The couple thanked them for coming even though they haven’t been in touch for such a long time. What happened next became the biggest revelation that changed their life in a snap! They were told, “We will be entrusting to you all our businesses, ministries, and funds so you could continually run the Lord’s work, as our act of obedience to the Lord’s command. He had already told us about all these the moment we met you ten years ago. Please use the money to register the business in your name. There are enough funds for the maintenance and upkeep of the hotel building and salaries of your personnel - security guard, secretary, maintenance man and household cook. There are also available funds to pay for running your English & Consultancy business and to cover the salaries of the American teachers, who will all be working under you.”.

Truly, the Lord opens His good treasury, the heavens, to give the rain to the land in its season and to bless all the work of our hands (Deuteronomy 28:12)

(Written by: Catherine Cubinar)

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Feb 11, 2022

Our God never stop doing miraculous , great and mighty things for those who believe in Him... God never fails to all obedience heart to do His mission... glory belongs to God 😇 always ❤️😇🙏

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