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From someone who could barely pay for a boat ride then -- to VIPs recognized by Indonesian gov't!

Updated: Jul 16, 2022


After Sister Ning, Pat, and Millet’s two-month-exposure trip to Indonesia, they went back to the Philippines to plan how they can obtain a long-term visa in Indonesia. During their flight back to the Philippines, they met three new Indonesian friends and toured them in Manila during their stay. They became good friends and exchanged contact details before they left the country. One day while Sister Ning was walking, she bumped into an acquaintance she met in Indonesia, and he suggested a platform so Sister Ning and her team can stay longer in Indonesia. They could study in a language center for two years. It was indeed an answered prayer because they have been praying and looking for a way to stay longer in Indonesia when they return. They raised the money they needed for their airfare and flew back to Indonesia with all the requirements they needed for the language center. As it turned out, the three friends they met on the plane live in the same city where the language center is located! How fortunate it was that they already know some people in that city. One day after their class, expensive cars pulled over in front of the school and the school director was wondering, “How did you know those millionaires? You just arrived in this place.” They had no idea beforehand that the three friends they met on the plane are millionaires and one of them is a Christian. They were in shock to have found out about it! God had prepared the Women of Peace to cater to their needs before they even set their foot in that city. Every day after their class is finished, they would be picked up by their new friends and treated to expensive restaurants. They didn’t have to worry about their food. However, it has been two months since they arrived, but they haven’t made any payments to the language center, and they didn’t have money to pay for their rent. Another brave soul was added to their team. Sister Agnes, who is also an IT missionary, came to Indonesia and studied with them. As they prayed to God to provide a place for them, He immediately responded to their needs. That evening they attended a church service and the pastor introduced them as missionaries from the Philippines. During prayer time, a woman from the church asked them what their prayer requests are and had a surprised look on her face when she heard them say “we’re praying for a house to stay in.”. She excitedly said “I have an old house where some missionaries had stayed before but it has been vacant for 4 years. I’m giving that house to you. Fix it.” It was big with three rooms, a garage that could accommodate several cars and a vacant lot where they could plant vegetables. It was more than what they were asking God for. After they cleaned the house, they saw the beauty of the house and they groomed the garden. It was a very nice place to live in. The best part is it was given to them for free! It was an amazing answer to their prayers, beyond what they could think of or imagine. They have one problem left though; they need $3,000 to pay for their tuition fee. They felt the pressure of not being able to pay for their tuition fee at the language center. Almost every night as they prayed, they cried out to God “we believe you sent us here with the assurance that you will take care of us”. They believe in their hearts that God will make another miracle, so they didn’t lose hope. There was an International Teams Conference in Budapest and Sister Millet was their representative. Sister Millet was able to go because someone sponsored her plane ticket. When the school director found out that Sis Millet was able to go to Europe, he insisted that they should pay right away since they have the money to go to other countries. They felt the pressure and informed Sister Millet about the situation back in Indonesia. During the conference, they were asked to partner up with someone in prayer. Sister Millet was partnered with an American missionary. She started crying so her prayer partner asked, “Why what’s wrong?” Sister Millet told her story. What she didn’t know was that before the conference started the American missionary also had a prayer. “Lord, you have blessed me so much, please lead me to someone who needs help”. Amazingly, the Lord led them to each other! Without any questions, she sent $4,000 to Sister Millet’s bank account so they could pay their tuition fee! It was more than what they needed but God is the God of abundance, and He is never late in keeping His promises! It was out of this world to receive that amount from a total stranger. But even before we say our prayers; God knows our hearts and needs. He knows the pain, frustration, and worries that we have. And He responds with loving care and abundant provisions. Millet even went back to Indonesia with luggage full of gifts for the whole team. Because of Sister Ning, Pat, Agnes, and Millet’s obedience they have received more of God’s blessings. It was blessings upon blessings. At one point, someone gave them a car, paid for its registration, and vouched to do its maintenance. Also, they have got more supporters and they became a part of an NGO’s project which is the ‘refugee camp’ in one of the community tribes in Indonesia. They had a lot of projects to help the people there, plenty of supporters, and thousands of dollars coming in for the community projects they were involved in. They also found favor in the community and were greatly respected. They also got awarded a diplomatic visa because of the work they did to help the communities and the people. Businesses have flourished and most especially the lives of people became better, and they were able to share the Word of God with them discreetly. Their selfless love and compassion for people were their greatest testimony and the people saw there was something different with them that they were drawn to Sister Ning, Pat, Agnes, and Millet. There was a revival in the lives of the refugees and the government recognized their love for the people. Whenever they arrived at the airport, they were treated as VIPs and saluted by the airport officers. Who would have thought that the most uncomfortable and most dangerous voyage they had back then on a ship would be replaced by a prestigious welcome every time they enter the country? Only God can turn the unpleasant things in life into the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. When you give your all to God, you would be surprised by what He can do. The hidden talents you’ve had will be used for His glory and people will see how amazing our God is! Let’s exalt the God who is doing wonderful things in the lives of His obedient children! Our God is a Mighty God ~ His power and greatness are far beyond our comprehension. He alone is worthy to be praised and adored, and we can always trust Him! Our God is Powerful! Job 26:14 These are just the beginning of all that he does, merely a whisper of his power. Who, then, can comprehend the thunder of his power?

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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