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Every problem was an opportunity for her to see how amazing God is.


Pastor Mary Ann Sabinay was in South Korea to attend a mission conference. Her first few days there were beyond words. She has seen how God guided and provided for her. As the conference ended, she was on her way to Seoul. However, she faced another dilemma which was once again an opportunity for her to see how amazing God is.

As Pastor Mary Ann and the other missionaries left the conference venue by bus, they had to take the train to Seoul. As they reached the train station, Pastor Mary Ann went to the toilet, and strangely, she saw a cap with the word angel printed on it. She thought “Lord, would I need an angel? Is something going to happen?” Soon enough, as they approached the platform, Pastor Mary Ann wasn’t able to get on the train.

She missed the train's last trip because she voluntarily carried the bag of the pregnant missionary. She was walking too slowly for it was heavy and she took the stairs without knowing that the elevator was working. As the door of the train was about to close, two of the other missionaries jumped out of the train to accompany Pastor Mary Ann. The three of them were left and Pastor Mary Ann was sad because her bag was with the other missionary who was on the train. Her passport and money were in that bag, so she really had nothing. They started walking away from the station to look for other alternatives to go to Seoul but got nowhere.

Consequently, the two other pastors asked what they should do because there were no trains and no other options. Therefore, she suggested going back to where it started. She used an anecdote to convince them “In our Christian life when we make mistakes or lose, we return to the source – Christ”. Therefore, they returned where it all started; to the place where they were supposed to take the train. It was late and they hadn't made any hotel reservations. The two pastors said that they had no other choice but to stay on the streets and wait till morning. However, Pastor Mary Ann knew in her heart that God will not let His children sleep on the streets. She also saw a sign earlier that God will send His angels again to rescue her. Therefore, she declared, “There’s no way, Our Father in Heaven will let us sleep on the streets!”

Right after she spoke, a twelve-year-old kid approached her because he saw that there was a map sticking out from her bag. The kid asked whether Pastor Mary Ann has any Korean friends. Pastor Jang, whom she met at the conference came to mind, and told the kid "I know Pastor Steve Jang". To her surprise, she found out that Pastor Jang is leading the biggest church in that area. The kid’s father called Pastor Jang and told him that there were three Filipinos who missed the train. Pastor Jang instructed him to bring Pastor Mary Ann and the two pastors to a Korean sauna called ‘jimjilbang’. Pastor Jang paid for their stay and food. They were also told that they could stay for a couple of days if they wanted to. But then Pastor Mary Ann had to return to Seoul the following day because of the switching of bags.

They arrived in Seoul with praises in their hearts and lips as they experienced God’s goodness in a foreign land! He is true to His promises to His children, and He never let them sleep on the streets that night! Our God is indeed a good, good Father!

Pastor Mary Ann and some of the missionaries stayed for a few more days in Seoul. As they stayed in a mission house, Pastor Mary Ann started the work that was entrusted to her. She and the others did evangelism and encouraged some people. She was exceedingly glad that she was able to do her mission when she was in Korea. Her experience was beyond words and God continues to show His faithfulness in her life. As she returned to the Philippines, she found herself having more than when she left. God multiplied both spiritual and material blessings in Pastor Mary Ann’s life!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for He is great and His abundance of stability and faithfulness in our lives are new every morning. Let’s give praise, glory, and honor to Him for being a generous God, and He did not even stop short of giving His own Son Jesus for us. Thank you, Abba Father!

Psalm 37:3

Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shall you dwell in the land, and truly you shall be fed.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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