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Don’t be scared to face the unknown when God gives you His word that He will be with you.


Fear often hinders people from moving forward. The uncertainty of the future makes us doubt the possibilities ahead of us. But as we learn to trust God, we also learn to take that step of faith into the unknown because we know that we are in good hands. Pastor Boying and Sister Naty Mabilangan learned to trust God and experience the impossible become possible!

In 1994, Pastor Boying was diagnosed with stage four cancer and needed to undergo surgery. The doctor said that after the operation, he would only have five years to live. It was such terrifying news, but Pastor Boying decided to entrust everything to God. Pastor Boying had a full recovery and became as healthy as he can ever be. Nothing could stop God’s plan in his life, not even cancer because it is God who has called him and has greater plans for him. Indeed, God is sovereign!

Before Pastor Boying and Sis Naty became IT missionaries, Sis Naty felt like her life was very mundane. She goes to work, goes home, and goes to church. She felt like her life was just a routine. Out of her frustration, she prayed, “Lord, is my life going to just be like this?” But the Lord has a plan to send her to different countries later as a missionary. It seemed impossible at first but as they answered God’s call, they were so amazed and honored to be used for God’s purpose and glory. They embarked on their new journey of faith holding on to God’s promises and they took that step of faith to go to Malaysia.

The couple had an unforgettable first mission trip to Malaysia. Their kids, Anna and Aaron were very young. They left their home bright and early for their flight, but their flight was delayed. They arrived very late at the airport in Malaysia. There was construction all over the airport and it was pouring rain. The person who was supposed to pick them up didn’t show up. They had no means to call their friends because they didn’t have any Malaysian Ringgit to use. Sis Naty was carrying Aaron and the one-year-old Anna was just roaming around. They were in an unfavorable situation, but that’s when they saw how God would use random people to help them. Pastor Boying approached the information booth and explained the situation he was in. Soon after that, he received a blessing from a total stranger. The woman gave him a Malaysian Ringgit, so they were able to take a taxi and arrived at the place where they were supposed to go. “It was God who gave the blessing, and you’ll reap what you sow to others” commented Pastor Boying. The couple praised God for helping them while they were in a foreign land!

In order for them to stay longer in Malaysia, they had to get a visa. They didn’t have the financial resources to get a visa and it costs a lot of money. Pastor Boying suggested that they raise support for their visa. After writing a support letter, they were so amazed to get positive responses within a week. However, the amount was sufficient for only one person. They were waiting for the provision for Sis Naty’s visa and surprisingly it arrived in less than a month. Praise the Lord! They were able to get their visa with the help of God. God touched the hearts of people to send the financial support the couple needed for their visa. The Lord has met their needs and He never failed to aid them while they were in the mission field. Living overseas is expensive but God showed them miracles upon miracles on how He would provide for them. By the grace of God, they were able to stay in Malaysia for a year. They didn’t know what would happen to them, but they took that step of faith boldly and when they did, God blessed them tremendously both in material and spiritual blessings!

The story doesn't end here. God continues to work in their lives and through their lives to bring the Good News to other people.

Don’t be scared to face the unknown when God gives you His word that He will be with you. Trust and surrender everything to Him and you won’t regret a thing. For God is always in control and He knows what lies ahead. Therefore, trust Him and don’t lean on your own understanding and you would be amazed at the unfathomable things He can do in your life and through your life. Let’s sing praises of thanksgiving to the God Most High! Hallelujah!

Psalm 28:7

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped: therefore, my heart greatly rejoices; and with my song will I praise him.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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