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Our beginnings… We begin our mission blog with a compilation of stories of our early years as a mission organization. These stories molded us into who we are now as a mission organization. All stories were God focused and actual experiences of our pioneering missionaries on the field. They were firsthand narratives describing how each Filipino missionaries witnessed the mighty works of our living God in full display. They saw and tasted the miracles of God in response to their prayers which provided for their needs. They were supernaturally brought to situations that were beyond comprehension and given amazing opportunities to minister to the lost and needy people of each nation. The stories will best explain how our poor missionaries were able to sustain their stay in the mission field for long periods of time and see their ministries flourish throughout the years that passed. All their testimonies converge to a single truth - God is actively at work in the lives of people who responds in complete faith to His call.

They saw the Mighty hand of God and they could not contain in their hearts the joy it has brought to their lives, In this blog site, you’ll read the exciting God Sighting stories shared from the hearts of missionaries who truly encountered our living God in the mission field.



Posted by on 08/02/2018 (Story happened Year 2006)

Several years ago, a group of IT missionaries decided to step out of their comfort zone to go to China. They left though with a small amount of money for this mission trip. They were excited for they will transit for a few days in Macau and get to see the place. But they did not coordinate their short stay to anyone, nor did they look for a place to stay in. Bringing with them the typical mindset of a Filipino male that — they can just sleep anywhere else in public with at least a “bench” in case they are unable to find a lodging place. Unfortunately, the weather’s too cold for them to stay outside so they panicked! “Where can we sleep??”. So, they asked for God’s guidance.

From the outside surface, we admire these missionaries for their faith, but can we pause and ponder to realize that deep inside they’re just ordinary human beings who get scared just like everybody else.

One of the missionaries was led by God to literally whistle to catch someone’s attention, which is part of the Filipino culture. Sadly, the passers-by ignored them for they don’t understand what it was about. Surprisingly, of the many strangers who passed by a lady took notice and approached them. They eventually knew that this person was a Filipina, for she understood what the whistle was about. It turned out that she was a born-again Christian too. What a small world indeed! They were offered to eat a meal at that woman’s house where they also had the chance to meet her husband. These missionaries didn’t want to be a burden to them, so they were contemplating so hard how they’re going to let them know that they need an accommodation. But they never had the courage to do so. Little did they know that the Christian couple was led by the Lord to bless them. Like a puzzle, their expectation matched with the revelation that was given. The couple told them that during their time of prayer the Lord impressed in their hearts to book them in a good hotel and provide all the meals for them.

It was amazing! According to Matthew 6:8, God knows our needs even before we ask, and He provides divine connections to lead us to the Promised Land! The missionaries were booked in a fancy hotel where they were able to rest comfortably and warmly away from away from the cold outside. Not only they’ve experienced God’s supernatural provision, but the Lord also used this incident for these Christian couple to discover their calling — to host and accommodate missionaries. None of these things would have probably happened if these missionaries didn’t obey God in the first place. But at the end of the day, this story reminds our fragile hearts that supernatural things happen once you step out of your comfort zone to confront the giant of impossibilities.

(Written by: Catherine Cubinar)

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