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He wanted to challenge his faith by attempting to go to Europe or America.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022


Bishop William Auguis saw the extraordinary things in his life as he followed the Lord. Now, he’s ready for more! More miracles! More of God's glory! And more of God's presence in his life! Bishop William's heart became open to bigger possibilities God would do in his life. After God allowed him to go to different countries in Asia, he inquired the Lord, “Am I only for Asia?” Soon after that, God gave him an answer.

Bishop William wanted to challenge his faith and wanted to go to Europe or America. Certainly, it would cost a lot because the plane ticket alone is expensive. Does he have the resources? None, but he believed that God will make a way for His will to happen in his life. He knows that he can’t do it on his own unless God makes it possible for him to happen. He needs to step up his faith, to move forward when God calls him to go. Bishop William was on fire and ready!

In 2019, an international conference was held in Europe. After seeking God’s direction, Bishop William signed up to join. He took the first step of faith despite not having money. He passed his visa application and surrendered the results to God. “If my visa is granted then it means that it is God’s will for me to go.” Bishop William spoke with a surrendered attitude to God. He waited with an expectant heart. He knows that God will always want what's best for him.

Subsequently, Bishop William was granted a visa! He was so happy to receive the great news! He thanked and praised the Lord! God wills for him to go to Europe and the next thing he has to secure is the plane ticket. Then, it is where he saw how God moved and provided for his needs. Other IT missionaries also signed up for the conference in Europe. Some of them had been to Europe before, but it was Bishop William’s first time to go there. He was blessed to be with the other missionaries who already had been to Europe for he learned a lot of things and was able to get an amazing travel package with the wisdom given to them by God. He and some of the other IT missionaries were favored by the Lord that they got a travel package that allowed them to go to Africa, Israel, and Europe at a very economical price. Indeed, it is the Lord who leads their steps!

Bishop William and the other IT missionaries flew from the Philippines to Africa. They stayed in Africa for a day, toured around the place, and had great accommodation. The next day, they all went to Israel and stayed for four days. They didn’t know anyone there but thankfully the previous IT missionaries who went to Israel connected them to their friends. A Filipino tentmaker pastor who has been in Israel for a long time toured them around and introduced them to some people and they were welcomed warmly. The pastor also took a leave from work so he could accompany Bishop William and the other IT missionaries. Even their accommodation was free, and food was abundant. They were able to rent a van to tour them around all the historical places and he was amazed how God provided for everything and he didn’t have to spend a lot of money. It was truly a magnificent moment of Bishop William's life for God exceeded his expectations! Surely, God's thoughts are far greater than us!

After that, they were bound for Europe. Bishop William had some money with him. He thought he might have to spend a lot because they are in Europe, where everything costs a lot. But once again, God didn't let him spend a centavo during his trip. The conference was spectacular. Bishop William learned a lot of things and enjoyed the fellowship with other missionaries.

After the conference, Bishop William and the other IT missionaries got the chance to go to Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. He was astonished again by God’s provision because during his trip, their accommodations were free of charge. God would use men and women of peace to pay for the hotel rooms and food. On top of that, they also toured around different places comfortably and didn't have to commute to get places. What a wonderful time he had in Europe! God's favor was truly overflowing in the life of Bishop William!

On that trip, he crossed four continents and traveled to ten countries. He never imagined in his life that it could turn into reality and it was all because of God’s goodness. Bishop William is willing to be used by God and he would like to encourage everyone to let God use them and God can transcend your life more than you could imagine.

Nothing can stop the blessing of God in your life. What God has blessed, no one can curse. Expect His blessing today! His presence alone is a great blessing.

How blessed are we to serve the amazing God, who’s clothed in everlasting wonder and brighter than all the heaven’s splendor! Praise God!

Isaiah 40:31

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.

(Written by: Venus Jablo)

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